The best 2022 gaming portables: top of the range mechanical, wireless or economic

The PC gaming it doesn’t just come with a powerful computer, a good processor and a quality graphics card. They also matter a lot peripheralsand the most important for gamers is undoubtedly the keyboard.

Those included in computer packages, or commonly bought in electronics stores, are “simple” keyboards. But the gamer who spends many hours playing will certainly look for one more specific.

We are talking about the gaming keyboards. We offer you a selection of the best available in 2022: there are the top of the range for those who do not want to give up anything, the wireless, the balanced models, and even super cheap ones to have excellent quality while spending little.

What to watch out for before buying a gaming keyboard

Like any PC accessory, the gaming keyboard also has several features to pay attention to. Of course, in evaluating them all, you will also need to consider yours budget: if the quality rises, the price will undoubtedly too.

Before buying, consider the layout. In fact, in different countries, keyboards have different key layouts. If you are used to a Italian layout, you will not be able to turn to models with a German or French layout, because you would find them uncomfortable not being used to using them. If it doesn’t make a difference, you will have access to more offers and freedom of choice.

Then there is nature mechanics keyboard or not. Usually, the mechanical ones are more used in gaming because they provide a much better tactile sensation to the pressure, making the gesture of pressing the key more clear and effective, as well as greater precision.

Likewise, the switch to press may have gods different sounds, depending on your preferences. Choose whether to prefer keyboards that make little noise when pressed or if you want to “hear” them clearly (so-called “clicky”).

Finally, pay attention to some additional details: the type of backlight (if you like it imaginative with many colored LEDs or not, which today are on almost all models), the key material for the grip, and the format, i.e. how many buttons are present on the accessory. There are in fact both with the whole complete series including the numeric keypad, and with fewer keys, even sometimes only the essential ones. And for the undecided there are some that can be dismantled and reassembled.

There is no doubt that keyboards of such power and spectacularity are one benefit for PC gamers, in fact, many prefer to buy a desktop computer rather than a laptop because it is more suitable for hosting these peripherals (although there are, however, also excellent laptops for video games).

The best wireless gaming keyboards: the great top of the range

If you are pretentious in terms of computer video games, and ready to spend more for the accessory of your dreams, here is a series of products with the highest standards. They will be perfect to combine with your gaming PC.

It starts from Asusspecializing in peripherals and computers for video games, with its excellent Claymore II. The design is futuristic and with shapes and colors that recall steel and metals. The keys are comfortable and durable, manufactured in ABS.

It is a really equipped keyboard, complete with detachable and re-attachable numeric keypad depending on the needs: the doubt as to whether to take it or not is completely eliminated, because it exists, but we can also deprive ourselves of it. And you can assemble it left or right of the other keys, without any problem.

The layout is Italianit features RGB and special media controls, and it’s one fully mechanical keyboard. Asus promises some swing-free switch, plus it is wireless with a huge 4000 mAh battery, among other things with fast charging via USB-C. The price is obviously as pretentious as the object: between 200 and 250 euros, depending on the offers.

True top of the range also Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED, again with wireless capability and an internal battery for over 40 hours. The lightsync RGB ensures perfect synchronization of the lights with pressure, the design is subtle and essential. Beware, because they often have American layouts.

It is usually one Clicky, but you may find variants: for example, it is available both with and without a numeric keypad, due to its small size. Here, too, the 200 eurosbut the quality offered by Logitech is undoubtedly indisputable: one of the best brands on the market.

Best budget gaming keyboards

Let’s go to a slightly more balanced range. To mention the Corsairanother excellent brand: la K95 RGB it is also loved for its customizable Macro keys on the keyboard side, for fast and advanced gaming experiences. The chassis is lightweight but sturdy pure aluminum, Cherry switches are fast, and the backlight is dedicated for each key. It is not wirelessbut it is also found under 200 euros.

Lower budget? No problem. The brand Cooler Master offers an excellent balance between quality and price, with many models at little more but also a little less from 100 euros. The choice is really vast as this brand creates many, to be selected according to preferences. They all have comfortable palm rests, and there are both with and without a numeric keypad. Some examples of excellent quality: MK730 And CK530 V2.

Gaming keyboards under 50 euros

And know that you can have a good gaming keyboard too under 50 euros. One is proper to Cooler Masterthe MS110. Solid keys, very nice feed and “click” sound, sufficiently resistant materials. The perfect balance for those who want to contain their spending but still receive a super reliable product. Ideal for gamers who want to have fun but don’t make gaming a full time occupation!

Don’t worry even if the budget is ultra-tight. There Logitech G213 It also costs less than 40 euros with the right offerings, and it’s RGB with backlighting, dedicated controls and numeric keypad. It is reliable and durable, it has the lightsync, various special keys for the audio, and the unique resistance to water splashes. The brand, once again, is a guarantee.

Also worth mentioning the very economical MSI Vigor GK20 (25 euros only), with anti-ghosting like the more expensive ones, palm rests, multimedia keys, RGB and Italian layout. This too is water repellent and is a really good compromise to approach gaming on a budget almost nothing.

The best 2022 gaming portables: top of the range mechanical, wireless or economic