Tesla Semi and Cybertruck are about to arrive, word of Elon Musk

Tesla’s electric truck and pickup are about to hit the market, after numerous postponements and years of waiting. This is ensured by Elon Musk himself, who with a tweet announced the start dates for deliveries of the two new models. In the last months of 2022 it will be the turn of Tesla Semia vehicle designed for heavy transport, then next year it will be the turn of the Cybertruck pickup. For both vehicles, a range of around 800 kilometers is expected in the top version.

Tesla Semi, arrives already at the end of the year

It was 2017 when Tesla announced the Semi for the time, a truck with aerodynamic shapes and 100% electric, which was due to enter the American manufacturer’s range shortly thereafter. In fact, initially its entry on the market was scheduled for 2019, but a series of delays and the pandemic have postponed the arrival of the Semi indefinitely. But the wait is almost over: Elon Musk, in a tweet, announced that the first deliveries of Tesla’s electric truck will begin this year.

In his message, Musk also confirmed that the vehicle will be able to rely on an autonomy of 500 miles, therefore equal to just over 800 km. But there will also be an entry version that can travel 300 miles (about 380km) on one charge. Performance? Tesla reported 0-96 km / h acceleration in 20 seconds, while consumption was estimated at less than 2 kWh per mile. The prices have not yet been defined, but they should start from 150 thousand dollars for the basic version, and 180 thousand for the one with greater autonomy. Certainly there are many waiting for their Tesla Semi, whose orders had already opened in 2017. Pepsi will be among the first to use the American electric truckwho had ordered 100 copies.

Tesla Robovan, Musk promises an electric van

In 2023 it’s up to Cybertruck

In his tweet, Musk also confirmed the arrival of the Cybertruck, the futuristic pick-up announced in grand style at the end of 2019 and also remained on standby until today. While deliveries of the Semi will begin in the last months of this year, for Cybertruck we will have to wait until 2023. Described by Tesla as “More versatile than a pick-up and with better performance than a sports car”the new model could show slightly less extreme lines than those of the prototype unveiled by Musk in 2019. On the technical front, however, the characteristics communicated by the House should be authentic: three versions with autonomy up to 800 km3,500 lb (nearly 1,600 kg) load capacity e towing capacity of 14 thousand pounds (over 6.3 tons).

Meanwhile, despite the difficulties of the market, Tesla’s expansion continues, which has reached a production of 1.5 million units on an annual basis, and that aims to quickly reach 2 million cars per year. After Semi and Cybertruck, the wait will then be all directed towards the new Tesla Roadster, announced in 2017 and whose orders were opened a few months ago: in Musk’s intentions, it will be the fastest car in the world, with over 400 km / h of top speed, zero cent in 2.1 seconds and a starting price of 43 thousand euros. But for her there is still no arrival date effective on the market.

Tesla Semi and Cybertruck are about to arrive, word of Elon Musk