Second Sun, the greenest boat of 2022 is made of recycled plastic and has an incredible design!

An increasingly clean and eco-sustainable navigability: here is Second Sun, the boat made of recycled plastic from the immense sail that wants to imitate the sun …

A boat obviously, but also (and above all) something more! Something that goes beyond its own innovative design, beyond its own materials and essential and (literally) invisible aesthetics; but also something that goes beyond the sea, the navigability and the whole nautical to which we have been accustomed up to now. Second Sunindeed, it’s a warning; a warning that prostrates itself towards the future, hopefully always more sustainable, clean and ecological. This is what this alternative project born from the collaboration between a young man is Brazilian design studio and the designer of the same nationality Cesar Pieri, a professional specialized in the automotive world.

A real Sun (in terms of size, shape and color) able to navigate undisturbed on the waters of the seas, leaving even the latter undisturbed. A sail boat futuristic in terms of aesthetics, technique and functionality. A project that was born in the hope for a desired future, with the intention of having the least possible impact on nature, both from an environmental and a visual point of view. Second Sun appears to be (and indeed is) part of the sea, like yours waves and sea creatures. An experience of unity between the owner and the sea, a bond that turns into care. The entire structure is made up of materials (once harmful to the environment) entirely recycledwhat once polluted, now helps in environmental awareness and conservation; keeping our gaze fixed on the future, ours. This sailboat is inspired by the famous ones from the America’s Cup and circular wing aircraft. Its sail, which takes on the shape and colors of the sun, turns and curves to increase or decrease the thrust; giving movement to this iconic boat developed with the hope of bringing more light and audacity to design a more conscious future. Here’s what it’s about in more detail …

Second Sun: plastic, for the environment

All the result of a fleeting collaboration between Furf Design Studio and the, already mentioned, Cesar Pieri; a collab that perhaps gave life to the product more essential and less conventional of the entire history of boating. Here is Second Sun, or better Segundo Sol (called in the Portuguese style); a somewhat innovative sailboat made with suitable and environmentally friendly materials. A conscious project which is detached from everything we have seen so far, in all senses. Let’s start from shapes, small and imposing at the same time. In fact it is hull he looks very small, he is almost not seen, indeed he is not seen at all … The sail, on the other hand, is quite the opposite; immense, round and flamboyant. Its goal is to appear, in fact, like a second sun; and the characteristics (in terms of shape, size and color) are all there.

Now, instead, let’s move on to the materials; also because these represent the highest and most characteristic (and characterizing) value of this little boat. The whole composition of the entire boat turns out to be completely sustainable and respectful for the environment, consequently giving life to a clean and ecological navigation; suitable for safeguarding the environment and the entire maritime ecosystem. All this was done, as well as for an evidently moral question of the creators, above all to guarantee a perfect and just coexistence between three (unfortunately) distant worlds, a sort of sincere ménage à trois tra man-boat-nature.


The hull is made of biopolymer based on microalgae; but the most interesting part of this part of the Second Sun is not only its composition but above all what this entails. Indeed, the material in question makes the hull entirely invisible, giving the boat an appearance never seen before; making it like a species of those little fish that occasionally are seen swimming in private aquariums, fish of which you can see crystalline bones and all. This transparency also makes this sailboat an integral part of the sea and its nature; allowing a unique experience in close contact between those on board and the sea itself. As for the sail, however, it is made with a particular fabric obtained from total recycling of materials of different nature extracted from the waters of the sea.

Immense and at the same time tiny


This is exactly how Second Sun presents itself, an extraordinary combination of shapes, sizes and colors (and not colors). The small hull completely invisible, tiny and slender; with a sporty aura enough to give an idea of ​​sudden speed. And then there is the large sail, which is immense, round, shimmering with its characteristic and luminous “sun yellow” color. One part (the hull) is completely immobile and lets itself be transported, cutting with its aerodynamic nose the air and the water that is placed against it. The other part, on the other hand, is mobile; it turns, bends, inflates and deflates, capturing every slight breath of wind and giving life (or movement) to the boat. In short, Second Sun is born from (and lives on) these continuous comparisons, of the infinite “one-two”; a sort of “binary code” that regulates the existence of one of the most captivating and singular boats that have ever been designed.

Second Sun, the greenest boat of 2022 is made of recycled plastic and has an incredible design!