Ray 7.7, a new electric scooter arrives in Italy

There are those who have already defined it in no uncertain terms “the Tesla of scooters“. By now we know that this expression is abused – and even more often used with excessive emphasis – to welcome the latest news in the electric field, but in this case there is something truthful. The Ray 7.7 scooter is indeed amazing not only on the Spanish market, but also in the rest of Europe and has recently also been available in Italy thanks to the EcoZero initiative which has become the official importer for our country. It is a very original product from every point of view, from design to technical solutions and also to curious ideas that make life easier for the driver.

The RAY 7.7 introduces unprecedented advances in the world of electric scooters in terms of performance, equipment and originality of the technical solutions adopted. For example, let’s look at the decidedly unusual position of the batteries, placed on the arms of the swingarm. Of course they visually weigh down this part a bit but make the distribution of real weights very interesting and overall they are a good 7.7 kWh for an autonomy that reaches 150 km. It is equipped with a 1.8 kW charger as standard but can have both the 3 kW one and the Type2 socket for charging at the columns as an option. The high-voltage motor (as only BMW, Zero and Energica offer) is centrally mounted and is homologated to 11 kW, so it can run on ring roads and highways. Even here, however, the real performances seem to be clearly superior to the category and we will try to verify them as soon as possible.


Another very interesting find is the saddle adjustment that can be raised or lowered in two positions pulling a simple handle. The center stand is also in an unusual position and is located under the flat footrest, further forward than usual. Not only that: to hoist the scooter you do not need to get off, but just push the ground with your foot, press the reverse button and give it a little gas. Small gems that denote the great attention to its user, such as the LED lights inside the compartment under the saddle that can easily accommodate a full-face helmet.

The arrival in Italy with EcoZero


I am passionate about electric mobility in all its forms” – tells Valerio Tattara CEO and Founder of EcoZero – “and in these twenty years I have tried all kinds of vehicles, but I have never been as enthusiastic as with the RAY 7.7. I immediately understood that it was the product I was looking for for myself and for my customers. Electric mobility is experiencing a moment of great ferment, we see electric vehicles that look alike emerge from every corner and often there is no real quality. Not to mention assistance and spare parts. Ray Electric Motors has finally brought not only an effective and ingenious scooter, but a project with attention to every detail, from design to construction to after-sales. The fact that the supply chain is almost entirely European and that it is built in Spain allows us to offer our dealers and customers quality and timely assistance, making us proud of this partnership.“.


An electric scooter with these characteristics can only be placed in the high end of the market and in Italy it is offered starting from 9,970 euros net of incentives.

Ray 7.7, a new electric scooter arrives in Italy – News