Police brutally kicked a puppy in the middle of an operation in the Atlantic

Animal abuse in Sabanagrande

The moment in which a member of the Police mistreated a dog in the municipality of Sabanagrande in the department of Atlántico was recorded on video. Animal defense organizations have called for an investigation and punishment. The institution ruled on the fact.

In the images you can see four members of the Police who meet a group of people in front of a house, at night. There are two dogs in the place and one of these, white with black spots, approaches one of the uniformed men.

The animal, apparently, bites the official on the leg and he turns to scare it away with a kick, but without attacking it. However, as the animal walked away, another uniformed officer violently attacked it with a kick to its abdomen.

The animal was raised almost a meter from the ground by the force of the blow and fell again. Then he walked away, but there was pain in his demeanor. In addition, he screamed for several minutes because of the beating that the uniformed man gave him.

Because of the blow, the people who were in the place reacted against the uniformed, with shouts and pushes, to claim why he was hitting the animal. While the dog continued to squeal because of the pain caused.

The official violently assaulted the animal and investigations are underway to verify his sanction

The video was broadcast through social networks to denounce animal abuse by one of the members of the Police in the department of Atlántico. “Messrs @PoliciaColombia, do not allow brutality to enter your ranks. You must be, by definition, friends of the people, of the animals, of nature; They must set an example of good treatment and respect, promote empathy and protect the weakest. Never animal abuse!” wrote Senator Andrea Padilla.

The institution ruled after the complaints. According to the Atlantic Police, the uniformed officers had arrived in the Centro neighborhood of the municipality of Sabanagrande in the midst of the persecution of a man they had identified carrying a firearm, presumably illegally.

The subject would have taken refuge in a house in the sector, so the authorities would have arrived to request it. In the middle of the operation, one person opposed the procedure because there would be no court order to enter the house, and other neighbors went out into the street to see what was happening.

In the midst of the discussion, the animals that were free, according to the police statement, also approached the uniformed men. One of them bit the official, as was recorded on video and it was the moment in which the situation of abuse occurred, which, according to the Police, was a “impulsive reaction.

“In the middle of the procedure, a dog, stunned by the noise of the moment, bites a uniformed man,” the institution said. The official was transferred to the municipal clinic to verify the injury and they would have given him the tetanus vaccine.

According to the institution, uniformed officers also went to the neighborhood to verify the health conditions of the canine, which was taken to veterinary care in the city and it was determined that it had no injury or bruise as a result of the kick.

However, the Police notified that a disciplinary investigation was opened to verify if he failed to comply with the procedure. Likewise, they recommended that the community not allow potentially dangerous or aggressive animals out of public spaces, unless they have a muzzle and are supervised by their responsible caregivers.


Police brutally kicked a puppy in the middle of an operation in the Atlantic