Paderno Dugnano, the extension of the North A52 Rho

It is officially open to traffic from this morning the extension of the North A52 ring road up to Novate Milanese. The stretch, inaugurated yesterday, completes the connection between the A52 North ring road and the A50 West ring road of Milan, through the redevelopment of the old SP46, thus closing the Milan ring road and offering an alternative route for east-west and vice versa, to the congested urban section of the A4.

The important infrastructural work, inserted in one of the most urbanized road networks in Europe, in addition to being a significant investment from an economic point of view, “due to its design and construction characteristics, also constitutes an opportunity for the transformation of the territory crossed in the perspective of sustainable development, safety and innovation”, specifies Milano Serravalle Milano Tangenziali in a note. “L’Opera which we inaugurate assumes a strategic importance as it constitutes an alternative to the constantly congested urban section of the A4 – he said Attilio Fontana, president of the Lombardy Region, present at the inauguration -. It was completed thanks to perseverance and despite the difficulties that have affected these last few years between the pandemic and price increases. A great work for Lombardy and for the country”.

The inauguration in the Sound Gallery of Paderno Dugnano

There inauguration ceremonywhich was attended by numerous representatives of national, regional and local institutions, as well as the top management of Milano Serravalle Milano Tangenziali, took place in the futuristic Galleria Fonica in Paderno Dugnano, a unique construction of its kind, already reported among the best examples of motorway green technology by the Aiscat Sustainability Report. Approximately 270 meters long and made up of metal carpentry arches supporting a lateral and transparent sound-absorbing shell at the top, the gallery has a south-facing side completely covered with photovoltaic panels, capable of satisfying the entire energy needs of the work itself .

Along the whole tracked develops a articulated integrated system of impact mitigation works: from greenery to an extensive implementation of anti-noise barriers, from draining and sound-absorbing pavements, to a platform water collection and treatment system that makes the motorway, from a hydraulic point of view, a “closed” and self-sufficient system , allowing only any excess and completely treated water to be introduced into the surrounding environment.

The treatment accomplished in the trenches between Bollate and Novate has allowed the complete burial of the road network and, through the construction of 4 galleries, the mending of the territory both from a road network point of view, with the creation of north-south road axes, and from an environmental point of view with the creation of previously non-existent ecological corridors. Between compensation worksalso includes the creation of a cycle-pedestrian traffic system extended to the 4 Municipalities crossed by the work. Finally, the intervention will be completed with the construction of a coplanar road system – some already in operation – thatdeveloping parallel to the motorway route, it will connect the Municipalities of Paderno Dugnano and Novate allowing local movements without having to use the motorway.

The words of Mayor Ezio Casati

An intervention that is not to be considered finished, however by the Administration of Paderno Dugnano, the Municipality on whose territory the impact of the work is considerable and not without inconvenience. The mayor Ezio Casati in fact underlined both to the top management of Milan Serravalle and the company that controls it, FNM, and to the highest authorities of the Lombardy Region present and to the new Minister of Infrastructure Matteo Salvini, the price that the city had to pay, and is still payingfor the redevelopment of the Rho-Monza: “A work that our area, our city, had to accept with a modified project driven by institutional requests and protests by committees and citizens which have led to mediated solutions – he declared -, but which in any case will not be able to avoid having to live with a highway that passes through the city”.

the mayor Ezio Casati

Not only that, Casati has also placed the emphasis on inconveniences that will affect the city in the coming months for the final realization of coplanar and fittings with the city road system: “But above all, we await the final approval from Rome, and the relative financing, of the additional mitigation works that in recent years we have patiently and constantly reaffirmed and shared with Milano Serravalle and above all with the citizens”, he concluded, hoping for a shared commitment so that Paderno can have a green infrastructure useful for mitigating the effects of the road infrastructure, which for the mayor is to be considered “a due act“.

Paderno Dugnano, the extension of the North A52 Rho-Monza ring road to Novate Milanese is open – NordMilano24