Our opinion on Hello Tomorrow, a new Apple TV+ series that aims for the moon but misses its landing

There is no shortage of good series on AppleTV+. Of For All Mankind To Ted Lasso Passing by The Morning Show And Severancethe streaming platform knows the magic formula to offer content quality to its subscribers. But sometimes it also throws smoke in our eyes. This is the case with Hello Tomorrow!a new series with retro sci-fi accents starring Billy Crudup.

Created by Amit Bhalla and Lucas Jansen, Hello Tomorrow! offers an enticing concept, attractive visuals, but struggles to take off. Faced with the setbacks of its traveling salesmen who offer their clients properties on the Moon, the spectator remains perplexed by a show that seems to have focused on aesthetics rather than substance. Let’s break it all down in our spoiler-free review.

Hello Tomorrow! in short

Hello Tomorrow! it’s the story of a group of traveling salesmen who are on a mission to sell shared properties on the moon. In this retro-futuristic world, we follow the journey of Jack, a very talented and ambitious salesman. His unshakeable faith in a better future motivates his colleagues and invigorates his desperate clients, but it also threatens to leave him dangerously lost in the dream that keeps him alive.

Should we watch Hello Tomorrow?

If there’s one thing you can’t deny, it’s thatHello Tomorrow! is a series that has a lot of visual cachet. His world, which gives a futuristic side to the 1950s, is extremely well highlighted. The attention to detail is everywhere, from the accessories to the costumes through the staging of the show, but the spectator quickly comes to realize that with this stunning aesthetic, the series seeks as much to sell us dreams as its protagonists. . In short, it’s beautiful, but it doesn’t go much further.

A question arises when we look Hello Tomorrow! : what is the series about? Behind this story of lunar properties and talented sellers, what is its purpose? We glimpse a commentary on filial relationships, an exploration of the consequences of lying, or even a vague analysis of what drives the central character, Jack (Billy Crudup), a man who puts his ambitions before everything else. But the series only touches on these ideas on the surface, never really delving into these topics.


Hello Tomorrow! puts the spectators in the shoes of these poor customers who are led on the boat by Jack and his colleagues. We spend ten episodes hoping that the series will give us the moon, only to be disappointed in the end. Despite the fact that the episodes are relatively short, about thirty minutes each, we find it a long time to wait for the show to offer us something truly innovative. As a result, the story progresses laboriously and everything falls like a soufflé because the series fails to grab the viewer.

We should have guessed: from its presentation Hello Tomorrow! relied on sophisticated images at the expense of a clear synopsis. The series looked pretty but we didn’t really know what it was about and, in the end, that’s exactly what it is: pretty images setting the stage on a hollow script. We regret this assessment, because the work of the production is really neat and the actors offer quite convincing performances. However, more care should have been given to the series in the writing room so that it does not leave as much an air of deja vu in the viewer’s head.


While Jack isn’t particularly well developed, the rest of the characters in the series don’t seem to have gone beyond the sketch stage either. Shirley (Haneefah Wood) is the one with the most potential but she is held back by lack of inspiration in the creation of her character. The same goes for Joey, the son of Jack who, despite the efforts of his interpreter Nicholas Podany, does not manage to stand out as he is hidden behind the spotlight which only seems to want to shine on his father.

Unlike the awesome For All Mankind, Hello Tomorrow! aims for the moon but fails to reach it. The series hides behind pretty visuals a profound lack of material and this makes it a most forgettable program. It’s a shame that so many resources have been put in place for something so bland, but what do you want, Apple TV+ can’t be a hit every time.

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What other sci-fi series can you watch on Apple TV+?

The Apple TV + catalog is not lacking in quality science fiction series. We recommend the superb For All Mankind and its alternative world around the conquest of space, or even Foundation and its history of the collapsing Galactic Empire. There is also Invasiondrama centered on various characters chronicling an alien invasion from different points of view around the world.

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