Melun: when confinements are a source of inspiration for an author

Behind Philippe Loesh’s smile hides a spirit full of stories. ©Philippe Loesh

Adrian Loeshyoung author, aged 27, who shares his life between the family home of Melun (Seine et Marne) and his professional activity in reindeer (Ille-et-Vilaine), is a writing addictwhich in 18 months gave birth to 3 novels : Storm, The Cobra and the Mongoose And Silence.

Three works that describe a society And humans where the side dark shows through. “I was in a rather complicated period of my life, where I asked myself lots of questions on my professional future, he recalls. I started writing, inspired by my own worriesthen the first containment arrived. »

Three novels, three themes

This gave first Storman Orwell-inspired dystopia, a dark and futuristic thriller in dehumanized societytaking up the major themes of our current society, between overconsumption, climate deregulation, new technologiesamong others.

I transferred, in part, what we were experiencing as a situation, in my work.

Adrien Loesh, writer from Melun

Then it was The mongoose and the cobraanother one exploration of the human soulwhich like the first happens in the not so distant future, where the planet is ruled by a single, dictatorial regime, and where the heir is kidnapped by an opponent. A frame, which wants to be classic in the meeting of two spirits that everything opposes, but which offers a choice of multiple literary routes.

For his latest novel, Silenceit’s a return to the present tense, but make no mistake, this one is as dark as its predecessors, highlighting sensitive themes of parentage and betrayal.

A need

If the subjects of his novels are darkAdrien Loesh, he is someone all smiles. “If I choose such anxiety-provoking subjects, it is because they are, in my opinion, those who offer the most possibilities, the most latitude to describe the characters of the characters. »

I need to write, it’s visceral with me, I can’t do without writing anymore.

Adrien Loesh, writer from Melun

He continues: “Happy people, without history, are, in literature, the most basic and do not offer as many choices of writing. But, be careful, by these character descriptionss, it’s the society that I describe in its darkest side, not those who compose it”. And it’s not over, Adrien Loesh still has many projectswhich may soon find themselves in your libraries.

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In order of publication: The mongoose and the cobra, Tempest and Silence Éditions Le Lys Bleu – Novels can be ordered on the publisher’s website or on the websites of general bookstores.

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Melun: when confinements are a source of inspiration for an author