Khalifa International Stadium: the shell of the World Cup

soccer world cup 2022 they also start again from the future and from the futuristic architectures of Qatar. The only stadium not to have been specifically built for the sporting event which will begin on November 20, 2022 and the Khalifa International Stadiumwhich has some particular characteristics, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Where is the shell stadium located

This sports facility that recalls the shape of a shell it was officially reopened in 2017 after some restyling, and it is in the complex Doha Sports City Homehome to sports facilities and sports medicine, research and training centres.

It is a multi-purpose sports center with an adjoining shopping center in the heart of the capital of the emir state: Doha.

The design of the Khalifa Stadium

The work was inaugurated in 1976which is why it stadium in Qatar it is considered a rare piece of museum, set in a relatively young metropolis, founded in 1825 with the name of Al Bida and rebuilt at the end of the 19th century near the city the fortress of Al Wajbah.

In the seventies of the twentieth century the stadium, ddesigned by Arup Sport, DHG, Cox Richardson Architects & Plannerswas somewhat futuristic due to its rounded shapes and the vertical urban context that was emerging around the western district of Al Aziziyah.

Basically, the stadium is one tensile structure cable with a roof 120 meters high.

Between 2003 and 2005, a new cable mesh fabric roof was put in over the West Stand. The eastern grandstand is crossed by an arch that supports the lighting systems.

Then two swimming pools were added under the South Stand and parking for 150 vehicles.

On the occasion of the 2022 World Cup, out of necessity, the capacity to accommodate the public in the stands had to be reduced. The Khalifa it’s not that big as it seems: it can hold no more than 48 thousand spectators.

But the “shell” hides under the turf no less than 10,000 square meters of commercial space and another 10,000 of spaces for VIPs and guests. In addition to the Tower, next to the stadium is the Qatar Olympic Museum next to the stadium, which is connected with a pedestrian bridge.

The Khalifa International it is the first stadium in the world to be awarded four stars by the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS). The managers of the renovation project launched for the reopening in 2017 have adopted practices of sustainability at the forefront of design, construction and implementation to minimize the ecological footprint of the stadium.



How to get to Khalifa Stadium

Located in the area of Aspire Zonenear the Village Mallthe stadium is only 20 minutes from theHamad International Airport. The plant is accessible in various ways:

  • Car or taxi
  • Metro Gold Line (stop at Sport City) – Doha is crossed by 3 lines and 37 stations

What to see in Qatar and how much a vacation costs

A vacation in Qatar it costs around 450 euros for a cheap 7-day stay. In addition to the young capital, between the dunes of the arid desert and the coast of the Persian Gulf, an unexpected heritage of museums, architectural works and historical sites is hidden.

From the Museum of Islamic Art to the tower of Al Zubara Fort. Not only skyscrapers, but also fortresses, excursions in the desert, experiences and organized packages.

Where to see the World Cup

There Rai bought the television rights. All matches will be available on Rai1, Rai2 and Rai Sport. The live streaming will be handled by and RaiPlay. Not only matches, but also features: Il Circolo dei Mondiali will be broadcast every evening with Alessandra De Stefano, Sara Simeoni and Jury Chechi. On Radio1 Rai, every evening, from Monday to Friday, Torcida Mundial will be broadcast.

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Khalifa International Stadium: the shell of the World Cup