Kevin Love out on the radio and in digital stores with the new synoglo What Do You Want ?!

Exactly one month after the release of the very successful debut EP “Ice Kream Lov3”, The Lugano rapper and tattoo artist Kevin Lovereturns to give the public emotions expressed in bars with “What do you want?!”, Single that marks the start of a new artistic chapter.

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As announced on the occasion of the release of the album

As announced on the occasion of the release of the album, Kevin Love, after demonstrating versatility, charisma and a marked ability to combine very current languages ​​and sounds with past experiences and memoriesthus becoming not only the protagonist of the contemporary Swiss scene, but also and above all an example of expressive authenticity and determination for the new generation, he prepares to show a further face of his compositional soul, with a piece that speaks of rebirth through the voice of the heartbringing back the concept of rap to its original dimensionwithout giving up the unmistakable touch of innovation and communicative charisma which made him, since the first release, one of the most representative characters of the current underground market.

Posed on a beat capable of mixing the timeless charm of the overseas rap-game with the most modern European productions – realized by the irreproachable finesse in the sound rendering of the most trusted Killoz -, “What do you want?!” translates the first step of a long introspective journey into metrics, which the artist himself explains to the press with these words:

«Shortly after the beginning of my musical journey, I received bad news, which triggered a circle of difficulties, a sort of loop of problems and chaos. On that occasion, I realized that I would have to reorganize my life, a bit like when you have a child. And so I did, even with music. It was a bit like rebuilding oneself from the inside, step by step ».

Flawless joints And scratchy punchlines

Flawless joints And scratchy punchlines amalgamate a stories of real lifeshowing the sensitivity hidden behind the armorthe pulsating heartbeat encircled by an obligatory defensive armor, moving the spotlight away from luxury, fame and prestige, to focus them on everything that precedes them.

“”What do you want?!” – concludes Kevin Love – it is the mirror of my rebirth, the reflection of the new me born of the difficulties I went through, which will accompany you on a long journey of positive vibes ».

The piece is accompanied by the official video clipdirected by the picturesque and irreproachable gaze of Samuel Mersi, which excellently refers to the imaginary street told by the text, in a wonderful old school frame with futuristic features.

Energy, energy and determination are the main characteristics of this new one path between bars, lyrics, featuring and feelingsin which the Swiss rapper strips himself of stylistic elements and clichés to let the emotions and thoughts that made him the artist, and even before the person of today, flow and give voice, encouraging listeners, especially the very young, to never hide their weaknesses, but to face them to make them, day after day, the best strengths on which to leverage to recover.


Kevin Love, aka Kevin Pomponi, is a Lugano rapper and tattoo artist born in 1992. Growing up with his mother, during his adolescence he lived in different cities in Switzerland, meeting different people, cultures and charisms that allowed him to enrich his baggage personal and to corroborate his ability to adapt. Among colors, street art and skate influences, of which he is a former professional, he approaches the world of tattoos, a passion that leads him to become a professional tattoo artist and to be known internationally. At the age of 24, his first child, Kyle, was born, and just a year later, the second, Tyler: the wonderful experience of becoming a parent led him to further develop determination and tenacity.

During his first stay in Los Angeles – one of the cities where he currently works – he discovers a passion for America and street style, both in the world of tattoos, but above all in the musical one and it is from there that he draws inspiration for his lyrics, his melodies and his flow, merging different genres and experimenting, to give life to his personal stylistic code, far from labels and categorizations. In April 2022, he released his first official single, “1000 Sbatti”, a release that sees him alongside the very popular Madrid trapper Papi Trujillo and with whom he is appreciated by the public and critics as a young and brilliant champion of the music scene able to draw from their multi-ethnic professional background, bringing in unique and original releases that make it instantly recognizable, thanks to a cosmopolitan, but strongly identifying cut. After a series of lucky successes, in September of the same year, the artist releases on all digital stores “Ice Kream Love”, his debut EP in which he reconfirms talent, versatility and expressive urgency.


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Kevin Love out on the radio and in digital stores with the new synoglo What Do You Want ?!