Hyundai unveils the design of its new KONA

A unique style declined on a wide range of engines, this is what we see in the brand new version of Hyundai KONA, presented in recent days by the House. The iconic compact SUV, which has already achieved great success on the market, today presents itself in a new guise.

For the new generation of KONA, Hyundai started from the electric version to extend a technological design to the entire range of this model. The compact SUV is available in four different variants, which share the same architecture but differentiate themselves with a unique style for each. What we can anticipate, before seeing all the details, is that the new KONA has grown in size and offers the public and all interested customers a dynamic appearance and a cabin that focuses on the driver, with a versatile interior space, able to satisfy everyone’s practical and aesthetic needs.

The new design of Hyundai KONA

Last week Hyundai decided to present to the public what it will be the new design of his Very successful compact SUV. In fact, the new generation of the brand’s iconic model is arriving, which presents itself with an unprecedented futuristic look and developed starting from the electric version.

The new KONA will hit the market with increased dimensionswill be larger and will also be available in four different variants in the range including the 100% electric (EV), the full hybrid (HEV), with internal combustion engine (ICE) and the version proposed in the N Line sports set-up, with a universal architecture for all but a unique and distinctive style for each.

Hyundai, with its new KONA, once again confirms the strong commitment to sustainable mobility and shows how much its design study is driven by technology, improving its offer of electric vehicles, which today has been renewed and expanded by the IONIQ range, and responding – at the same time – to the different mobility needs that customers show they have , through a wide range of power supplies.

SangYup Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai Design Center, explained in this regard: “With the unmistakable character of the model, our new KONA expresses a confident, bold and dynamic presence. The SUV has evolved in every respect to embrace an even wider range and thus become a true support for every lifestyle”.

Dimensions and internal space

The new Hyundai KONA has evolved into a larger SUV, but without betraying its urban vocation, with bold styling capable of conveying a more dynamic road presence and a driver-focused interior.

As for the interior space instead, to offer customers maximum habitability, the new Hyundai KONA has now grown and measures 4,355 mm in length, 150 mm longer than the previous generation, comparing the EV versions. In addition, the new generation model has gained 25 mm in width and 60 mm in wheelbase compared to the pastwithout losing any of its iconic design identity.

The latest design innovations from Hyundai KONA

Unlike most vehicles that are offered on the automotive market with different types of engines, the development team worked on the new Hyundai KONA starting from the 100% electric versionthen adapting the design for the other engines.

A completely new and unconventional approach, which has allowed the brand to extend technology-driven design thinking to all variants of KONA. Furthermore, despite the shared architecture, each different version in the range features a unique and distinctive futuristic style.

The essential front characterizes the pure volume of the front section of the vehicle, which contributes to the fluidity of the model’s aerodynamic performance. The horizontally developed Seamless Horizon Lamp luminous signature highlights the essentiality of the car’s volumes. In the EV variant, this takes up the “pixel” motif characteristic of the brand’s IONIQ electric range in the Pixelated Seamless Horizon Lamp, which represents a first for a Hyundai modelgiving it a distinctive touch.

The new KONA never forgets that it is an SUV already appreciated on the market, despite its own futuristic look. Indeed, it shows a dynamic style, accentuated by the sculpted wheel arch linings, which incorporate the lights both at the front and at the rear, highlighting the robustness of the vehicle.

There are many parametric finishes present on the aesthetics of the car. A diagonal crease in the rear quarter of the haunch connects the satin molding from the waistline to the spoiler, creating a contour that wraps around the entire car. The rear also features the Seamless Horizon Lamp, to which is added a brake light in the upper part, perfectly integrated into the spoiler moulding.

stylistic variations

They are various stylistic variations that differentiate different diets. The EV has graphic pixel details on the front grille and rear bumper, 19-inch alloy wheels with pixel-inspired design and black styling elements, as well as the side mirrors and roof can be chosen by the customer.

The ICE and HEV versions share a robust design for the bumpers and wheel arches in black plastic. And finally there is the N Line version, the sports one, which in addition to black colored mirrors and roof – on request – differs in various features, such as the rear spoiler, the more aggressive look of the bumpers with a wing design that emphasizes the set-up, the rims with a dedicated design, the double rear exhaust and the silver side skirt.


The new KONA delivers a large internal ‘living’ space and many practical and comfort functions, for an advanced on-board experience, able to satisfy the most varied lifestyles. The EV-derived universal architecture displays a sporty layout with a floating horizontal element that emphasizes its breadth, providing versatile space for the driver and passengers.

Inside we find a dual 12.3-inch display and floating module, two characteristic elements that give the car a perfect sensation of high technology, while the lighting in the passenger compartment improves the user experience and comfort for all occupants. The gearshift has been moved from the center console to behind the steering wheel, providing a cleaner, uncluttered layout, as well as ample additional storage space in the center tunnel.

The flat rear bench reinforces the new Hyundai KONA’s aesthetic link to contemporary urban design. The interior space offers a unique experience and the utmost in practicality, comfort and convenience. Behind the second row is maximized cargo space. For more details and prices you need to wait a few more weeks.

Hyundai unveils the design of its new KONA