Horwin Senmenti, the evolution of the species

Eicma’s spotlights turn on the new avant-garde project launched by Horwin. “Senmenti” is declined on two new concepts of futuristic electric motorcycles, which really caught the attention at the Milan Motor Show.

Little revolutionaries, the result of long years of research and development, Senmenti X And Senmenti O they are two absolutely innovative proposals. At least on paper.
The House Austro-Chinese defines Senmenti as the “first high-performance intelligent bio-machine”, And at least to look at its characteristics, you have to believe it.

Specifically, Horwin sought advanced solutions to optimize the level of performance and efficiency of its two electric wheels. With Senmenti he therefore decided to modify the traditional structural design of endothermic models, and the typical separate arrangement of batteries, motor and controllers, introducing a IM integrated smart chassisdeveloped internally.

Senmenti O

Intelligent and “sensitive” technology

Senmenti, in Chinese, means “form of life”And it is not a name chosen at random. In fact, Horwin guarantees that, exactly like living beings, i concept interact with the outside world through i senses and theintelligence.
The bikes exploit in fact over 30 sensors and system control technology to process information analysis and decision making at high speed. It then creates one intelligent platform which, in fact, join the pilot in the search for a optimal and efficient driving.

Furthermore, explains Horwin, thanks to the technology of Over-the-Air updatesSenmenti “it will become more and more intelligent and in the future it will also be able to learn the unique personality of man, use human-computer systems to interact with users and become a new mobile life with real communication, memory and learning skills “.

Senmenti X

Already projected into the future

Technological evolution has thus led to the birth of advanced prototypes from every point of view.

blankThe concept Senmenti O comes in the form of maxi scooter very muscular, with performance on paper monstre. Approximately 200 km / h of maximum speed, acceleration 0-100 in less than 3 seconds and a maximum torque at the wheel of well 600 Nm.
There battery powerful is rechargeable in just 30 minutes even from super-charger columns and guarantees up to 300 km of autonomy.


With a decidedly more futuristic, almost spatial design, the Senmenti X.
The prototype looks like one mobile capsulein which the rider literally sits “inside” the mix of advanced technologies that the bike is rich in.
Last but not least the one that guaranteesself-balancing of the vehicle, which therefore remains balanced on the wheels without the need for any help.

Also for this concept – which has an electric motor from 60 kW – the same super performance as the Senmenti 0 is guaranteed.

Obviously it is about super technological prototypes which at the moment remain so. However, undoubtedly, Horwin ad Eicma it showed us what a not too distant “future” might hold for us.

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Horwin Senmenti, the evolution of the species – Vaielettrico