Horoscope for December 29, 2022

Horoscope for December 29, 2022. The Moon combined with Jupiter and Venus, which together with Mercury are approaching Pluto, indicate a lot of passion and a desire to share emotions.

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The horoscope for December 29, 2022. Mercury and Venus are joint and ever closer to Pluto which gives deep energy, passion and introspection. Great for earth signs, especially the third decade.

The Moon passes from Pisces to Aries, and around noon will be conjunct Jupiter in a vital and energetic emotional outburst. The lucky sign is Aries itself while the unfortunate sign the Libra.


There’s always a lot of enthusiasm in the air, and perhaps even a tad bit too much with Mars accompanying you like reindeer with Santa Claus, and with the Moon in your sign it will be very easy to overdo it. If by mistake in replying to all the messages you’ve received with greetings and invitations to dinner you’ve sent your phone into a tailspin, the whatsapp function comes to your aid for recovering the messages you’ve deleted by mistake. Watch a tutorial now to understand how it works.

Love: do not fear any surge in blood sugar.
Work: Too busy managing your private life to reply to emails.
Health: you are in perpetual motion, so much so that even you start to feel dizzy.
Tip of the day: show everyone your athletic skills by doing pirouettes on the ice rink in the town center.
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You are always very attentive and thoughtful, thanks to Mercury and Venus who point out any emotional nuance and stain on the tablecloth at the end of the meal. Your curiosity in solving and understanding any situation may lead you to want to discover even the most unusual dilemmas, such as ice ‘pizzas’ spotted in a river in Scotland. Don’t overdo it in always wanting to have the right answer on topics that ultimately interest you even a little.

Love: there’s always room for one last hug and super enjoyable kiss.
Work: you are also willing to do the work of all your colleagues in order to feel committed and valued.
Health: the kilos accumulated in these days give you a lot.
Tip of the day: opt for the ‘notransfer’ lipstick for passionate kisses that leave no trace.
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The desire to joke and play is irrepressible since you also have the Moon in your favour. I’m sure you would have loved to have Fedez’s idea of ​​going to a casino in Las Vegas, accompanied by poker champion Dario Sammarito and memory champion Andrà Muzii to try and break the bank. You want to prove that no challenge is impossible for you but obviously you make the rules.

Love: your favorite game is the one with the bottle.
Work: You need the mid-morning break to stay fully focused for the rest of the day.
Health: never give up your regenerating jog every morning as soon as you wake up.
Tip of the day: organize a day of skiing with your best friends.
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Feel the weight of all the planets in opposition to which the Moon has also been added, so much so that everything is just as tight as the button on your pants after the binges of the last few days. Would you like to drop everything like Elon Musk, who resigned as CEO of Twitter following countless complaints from users. If this end of the year seems more demanding than cotechino and lentils at the end of a meal, know that this thorny and tortuous passage will project you towards the land of the ‘bengodi’.

Love: at the moment it is not among your favorite activities.
Work: these are the last efforts before the deserved rest.
Health: the most beautiful place to stay is undoubtedly the sofa with plaid and herbal tea.
Tip of the day: Recycle Christmas gift wrapping paper that you may be using again next year.
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You like to feel the center of attention, and above all to be considered very cool. The Moon amplifies your desire to get noticed, so much so that you will want to be in the spotlight even in the gym, while you sculpt your perfect physique. To indulge this new inclination of yours, the Nike Jordan featuring Kevin McCallister, the famous boy from ‘Mum I missed the plane’, are absolutely right for you, plus they are in perfect Christmas holiday theme. I’m sure this is your absolute new object of desire.

Love: You always want to be surprised.
Work: You aim to be the best in the office so much that you would like to receive a trophy.
Health: the combinations for you are always ton sûr ton.
Tip of the day: face these last working days of the year with the renowned grit that sets you apart.
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The challenges that you are ready to face, now that you have Mercury on your side, are those that may seem impossible to most. Like the futuristic project for Expo 2030 for the City of Rome. You’re sure you can solve everything logically, even when it comes to traffic and urban planning in one of the most complex cities in the world.

Love: you keep your little heart in your chest of secrets so as not to waste it.
Work: everything goes perfectly following your very precise roadmap even during the holidays.
Health: you always like to be elegant and precise because shape is everything.
Tip of the day: take part in the Christmas events in the square with markets and kiosks that distribute mulled wine.
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Weight scale

You feel the need to have everything under control, because with Mercury and even Venus against you, you feel like you’re playing Tetris where you can’t fit the bricks together. In order not to lose ‘pieces’ and information, you could use Instagram’s new ‘notes’ feature. Obviously then it would be better to write everything down on your precious paper agenda.

Love your kisses warm more than a crackling fireplace.
Work your enthusiasm is perfect for this season’s festivities.
Health: you are super sexy even in fleece pajamas.
Tip of the day: organize an out-of-town getaway with your new suitor, even your old partner is still fine.
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Genius is one of the predominant characteristics of this period, thanks to the support of the planet of thought: Mercury. You are so ‘smart’ that you could be the inventor of the pillow that moves the head whenever a person starts snoring. Take advantage of this peculiarity of yours, it’s your super brain, for great projects.

Love: you only speak with lines from Sappho’s poems.
Work: you never stop, just like the stock market.
Health: you are more balanced than a Zen master.
Tip of the day: Start browsing through all the books you received for Christmas.
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You feel like exaggerating, even when Mars is in opposition to you. You are so bold that to make yourself happy you want unique, and obviously very expensive, gifts. At least to make you happy you would like to receive, even a few days late, the original ET robot that was recently sold for 2.5 million euros. You only want the best from yourself and from others.

Love: do autogenic training to ensure truly extraordinary performance.
Work: you are more aggressive than a game of Risk.
Health: You rest only after conquering the world.
Tip of the day: avoid excesses of gluttony even if avoiding maximum enjoyment at the moment is really difficult for you.
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You really feel at your best with Mercury and Venus conjoined in your sign giving you the charge of ten red bulls together. You want the best, demand the best and achieve the best. The only thing you lack at the moment is international recognition, in fact you expect to appear on the new pounds instead of King Charles. You absolutely want to feel valued like a king.

Love: resisting your advances is really impossible.
Work: in the trump hand you have all four aces.
Health: no exaggeration manages to mess up your perfect aplomb.
Tip of the day: organize a trip out of town for you and all your loved ones, to spend time together.
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The news of the synthetic fuel of the Porche brand that promises great performance with almost zero impact hasn’t particularly impressed you. In fact, you who always have the favors of Mars, the planet of determination and energy, at hand, have an infinite charge that does not fear any excess or too great distances. Are you ready to challenge any endurance and endurance record. Even against one of the two most famous places in the world.

Love: you apply yourself with great dedication to the tartaric love that commits you for more than six hours.
Work for you the office never closes.
Health you have inexhaustible energy and constancy for any sporting endeavor.
Tip of the day: Engage your tremendous enthusiasm to volunteer.
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You absolutely agree to do your utmost for Christmas dinners and events for all the people you love. I’m sure, however, that you approve of English grandmother Caroline Duddridge’s decision to have all her relatives contribute financially to the dinner parties, given the increase in grocery prices. With Venus in your favor you are certainly very good and generous but with the help of Mercury, the planet of thought and commerce, your home bookkeeping has some importance. So, if on the one hand it is absolutely not a problem to add a seat at the table, on the other you are much happier if it contributes financially to shopping at the super.

Love: you just have to press start.
Work: you undertake to draw up the annual budget.
Health: producing happiness is absolutely your primary goal.
Tip of the day: to fully recharge these days before the New Year’s Eve party, go to sleep early.
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Horoscope for December 29, 2022