Higher institutes of La Spezia on the shields at the fifth edition of the “Stories of Alternation” award

The Riviere di Liguria Chamber of Commerce also adheres, for the first time, to the fifth edition of the “Stories of alternation” award, an initiative promoted by the Italian Chambers of Commerce and Unioncamere with the aim of giving visibility to the alternation experiences achieved thanks to collaboration between schools, students and host companies.

At national level, since 2017, the year in which the competition was established, about 2 thousand training institutions, 27 thousand students and many companies have been involved in the initiative that have interacted in the implementation of the more than 2,300 projects for both school work and internship / apprenticeship. at higher technical institutes and vocational training centers. Circular economy and environmental sustainability, digital transaction, social inclusion, tourism, cultural heritage, mechatronics and Made in Italy are the main areas in which school-work alternation paths have developed.

In the 2022 edition of the Award, the Riviere di Liguria Chamber of Commerce collected the proposals of the schools that told their stories of alternation through videos made by the participating students and allocated some cash prizes for the schools that have distinguished themselves the most. at the provincial level.

For the province of La Spezia, the award ceremony took place on the afternoon of Thursday 10 November at the “Sergio Fregoso” Ligurian Regional Mediateca, on the occasion of the Spezzino Orientation Hall “Oriented to the Future 2022”, in the presence of the Provincial School Office. Gianfranco Bianchi, member of the council of the Riviere di Liguria Chamber of Commerce, intervened to represent the chamber.

The first prize, worth 600 euros, was won by theIIS “G. Capellini – N. Sauro”Of La Spezia in the technical institutes category, while the second prize, equal to 500 euros, went to all‘ISS – Art and music high school “V. Cardarelli “ della Spezia, in the high school category.

The project presented by the “Cappellini-Sauro” Institute involved students of the VA classes with a specialization in Computer Science and IV E with a specialization in Chemistry and Marine Technologies who were involved in the creation of a small technological tool capable of monitoring the path of waste at sea and acquire data relating to their environmental impact. The work, carried out in collaboration with the CNR-ISMAR research center, was selected as a transversal project with multiple training addresses, capable of cultivating and strengthening heterogeneous organizational-relational and scientific-technical skills. The Commission of selection considered it a project capable of distinguishing itself for its gaze aimed at the future, both because it is able to promote scientific skills for women, and because it has shown attention to the protection of the sea, a distinctive development resource of our territory.

The project presented by ISS Cardarelli involved the students of classes IV C and VC with a specialization in the Visual Arts of the Liceo Artistico who were involved in the creation of futuristic sculptures aimed at setting up an exhibition held at a local shopping center. The musical commentary on the video was made by the students of the classes IV M and III M of the Liceo Musicale. The project was awarded for the imagination and originality shown by young artists, capable of creating works of art starting from the reuse of materials usually considered as waste. The boys have succeeded with innovation in restoring meaning to waste materials, giving us the more general message that thanks to creativity we can rethink things, give them life, start over. Furthermore, the social value of the activity carried out for the involvement of students with disabilities was appreciated by the Commission of selection, transforming the experience of alternation into an important moment of personal growth and an important opportunity for inclusiveness.

Now the two local award winning schools are vying to participate in the national selections. If they arrive at the final appointment of the “Storie di Alternanza 20222 Award, it will be known at the Job Orienta Exhibition scheduled in Verona from 24 to 26 November.

“Since its inception, the Riviere di Liguria Chamber of Commerce has shown that it strongly believes in school-work alternation, one of the functions that the reform law has reserved for chamber bodies to which it recognizes a hinge role between the world of school and labor market – he points out Gianfranco Bianchi, member of the Chamber Council -. In this context, the “Stories of alternation” Award confers a value, anything but symbolic, to the commitment put in place by the participating schools, teachers, company tutors and students for whom it is of paramount importance to begin to mature work experience already during his studies, thanks to the availability and collaboration of local companies ”, concludes Bianchi.

Here is the list of all the students involved in the initiative:

IIS “G. Capellini – N. SauroSpice:

VA Class Computer Science:

Amato Michelle, Barilari Leonardo, Bastoni Marco, Corallo Salvatore, Dallara Nicolò, Gambucci Federico, Iacopelli Mattia, Lin Hao, Luporini Marco Valerio, Marzocchi Elektra, Patlli Daniel, Raducan Ana-Maria, Ribolini Filippo, Roggi Matteo, Roi Greta, Ruffini Christian , Samueli Davide, Sergiampietri Luca, Tassi Angel, Villanueva Taveras Yefry.

Class IV E Chemistry and technologies of the sea:

Bruno Mattia, Campi Giacomo, Cannonito Gabriele, Gritti Sofia, Guerra Riccardo, Cortesi Warriors Filippo, La Rocca Francesco, Mission Emanuele Gerardo, Pasini Michele, Pescini Nikolaj, Scialpi Elisabetta, Serra Martina, Tonlorenzi Daniele, Zonca Matteo Maria.

ISS – Art and music high school “V. Cardarelli “La Spezia:

Class 4C Figurative Arts: Ambrisi Giulia, Barabesi Geneva, Bavaro Ilenia, Burgaj Elona, ​​Cai Zixian, Giorgia socks, Casciari Irene, Chiaramonte Giulia, Cidale Giulia, Cosentino Jamis, By Marc Alessandro, Esposito Alice, Ferrero Francesco, Filippini Alessio, Innocenti Gabrielli Melissa, Luxardo Sofia, Marullo Alice, Precious Alessandro

Class 3C Figurative Arts: Califano Celeste, Collini Gabriele, Galli Adriana, Maiocchi Alessia, Masetti Diana, Mathlouthi Aziza, Morlacchi Asia Nicole, Oliva Asia, Pedrazzi Beatrice, Nicoletta Pepe, Alessio Ripamonti, Erika Solari.

Musical address:Marco Cardinali 4M class, Marco Iacovino class 3M, Francesco Lavazza class 4M.

Generic November 2022

Higher institutes of La Spezia on the shields at the fifth edition of the “Stories of Alternation” award – Citta della Spezia