Here comes the Tesla that costs like a small car. Unbelievable!

Perhaps the most famous manufacturer of electric vehicles on four wheels has decided to focus on savings for motorists… Here is the Tesla that will cost as much as a normal small car!

An air of revolution even at home Tesla. That fool of Elon Musk, one of the most talked about entrepreneurs of all time, if not the most, after making headlines with the purchase (and subsequent internal controversies) of the social media giant Twitter, announcing a sort of total liberalism within the portal (and a series number of layoffs); he seems willing to go back to dealing with his world automotiveor the one based in Austin that had the ability to first disclose the theme ofelectric voted at four wheelspresenting itself as a producer of vehicles premium.

We are talking about Tesla of course. A brand born way back in 2003, and which slowly, especially in the short span of recent years, has known how to rise to one of the most interesting, important and polarizing brands in the entire universe Automotive. Well, the company in question has always been recognized for its innovative and sometimes even futuristic projects, even if sometimes the rope is stretched a little too much like for example the “Cybertruck” project, and for price lists that are not always accessible to the most , there. But now it seems that the wind is about to change… Ready for the Tesla that it costs as much as a simple small car? Here she is coming…

Tesla raises the bar and lowers its prices, here’s how…

A short time ago Stellantis declared its intention to transform the old and dear Fiat into the “Tesla of the people”; or rather to redesign the historic Turin brand giving it the fundamental characteristics for the future of mobilityit’s about the full electric motorsremaining as always the protagonists of accessible cars as for the price. L’car it must be a good for the masses and not for the elite, and the Fiat knows this well, and has always known it; and certainly the future will not abandon its traditions.

But this futuristic vision imagined by the Stellantis Group itself seems to be questioned by the electric queen. Tesla, in fact, has expressed its intention (for various and even ‘unknown’ reasons) to want to lower the purchase costs of its products; resulting increasingly attractive on the market, and averting the end of its “reign”, for now, unchallenged.

The Austin brand has always been known for its prices that can sometimes be considered even crazy. Price lists with mind-boggling numbers for cars that do indeed represent the future, but which also retain several question marks. Long recharges, short batteries (we mean their full usage time) and assemblies that make you doubt, and sometimes even make your skin crawl; but we must not lie to us anyway: Tesla is the first producer of electric cars premium.

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The numbers speak for themselves too; in this 2022 that has just ended, the brand managed by the unpredictable (and very rich) Elon Musk has continued to grow (even if the data remains below exaggerated expectations). In the last year the brand has reached 1.31 million cars sold compared to 936,000 the previous year. There is nothing to do therefore, Tesla remains great in the present and at the same time tries to write its own future. In fact, the house has set for investor next March day, i.e. a meeting with those who put their money into the Brand, suggesting that they have important announcements. In the meantime, the rumors are talking and foresee, in addition to the decisive financial movements, the industrial plan, the arrival of a new platformTesla’s third.


Model 2, the affordable yet premium electric utility vehicle!

Therefore, the meeting with the future of the brand has been set for March 2023! Expectations, it must be said, are high; also because Musk himself, perhaps in the throes of one of his attacks of omnipotence, has declared that by 2023 the brand will be able to produce the beauty of 20 million four-wheel prototypes a year. This is a crazy number, also considering the fact that currently the most active producers are stuck at “only” 10 million Automobiles. So whether it’s just a boutade from that joker Elon or a real challenge for your company, we’ll see; but for sure there is only one thing here: it is impossible to sell so much, or better still more, with those crazy prices…

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Therefore, it becomes necessary a price adjustment (not to mention explicitly a lowering); and perhaps the meeting between Tesla’s wealthy investors will offer us the first concrete answers to the aforementioned question.

In fact, it seems that this next platform, which should be announced in the coming months, is the brand’s first step towards a reconsideration of its market prices. The four-wheeled architecture in question, which should take the name of Tesla Model 2 and should be put on the market in the next 2024, always considering the already mentioned rumors, it should be one compact with futuristic and ambitious design lines, a car characterized by abundant LED lights and an interior never seen before. But above all a car with an absolutely accessible purchase costequal to that of most utilitarian currently on the market. There is talk of about 25,000 dollars which with the current exchange rate would translate into around 23,700 euros! Will this be the future of electricity? We just have to hope…

Here comes the Tesla that costs like a small car. Unbelievable!