Best free Xbox games of August 2022

The world of video game it has developed in many different ways, even detaching itself from the past, thanks to the almost total integration with the internet. And so an idea that was previously almost impossible became a reality: to have continuously play for free.

These titles are not supported by the classic payment of the video game, but in other ways, for example advertising for the company that develops them, packages of expansionoptional in-game purchases, costumes that do not change the gaming experience.

Consoles too Xbox they are beautiful full of games free-to-play, in which it will be enough for us to carry out the download without paying a euro to start playing. Here it is today, August 2022a nice selection of the best free games for xbox.

Free Battle Royale for Xbox: Fortnite and PUBG

Let’s start with the most engaging group experiences, which gather dozens and dozens of players in sometimes crazy games in which only one wins: the so-called battle royale or battle arena.

One of the most famous is Fortnitea title with a simple base and infinite potential, in which to collect and enhance weaponscreate buildingsdevelop small missions in every game. The Epic Games title is completely freeand in-game purchases are only for obtaining costumes and skins: players of a new battle royale will always start at the same fair level, anyone can start.

Fortnite is now famous for being the most iconic game youngbecause he collaborates every month with the major companies in the world: in his “Battle pass”, a series of point missions to win prizes, superhero themed skins, characters from movies, comics and manga appear. Some can only be received for a fee (or by playing a lot), as mentioned.

Quite similar it is PUBGshort for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Here, too, you will go hunting for loot and you will drive vehicles of land and water, always after having been catapulted into a semi-unknown place and always with the aim of remaining the last in life. Unlike Fortnite though there is no constructiontherefore it is recommended for those who want to do only “barrel”, without complications and additional options.

Challenges between champions with Apex Legends

Similar to the previous two but more distinctly looking technologicalalso Apex Legends it’s free for Xbox. It came out in 2019 and has won a lot of fans since: futuristic and revolutionary weapons, a lot of confusion and teamwork, detailed settings and lots of fun.

The game implements a system of samples with different skills, characteristics and weapons, tracing the style of a League of Legends or even better, to stay on the same genre, of a Overwatch (which, however, must be purchased for a fee!). Also it is in first personand will undoubtedly be a favorite with fans of the shooter who want more variety in the choice of character and in the “pick” of team and opponents.

Those who play Fortnite, PUBG and Apex Legends can easily interact with players from other consoles and even smartphones, as these are three titles multiplatform.

Free sports games for Xbox: eFootball and Rocket League

Gamers are not only lovers of wars, battles and weapons. There are also those who prefer sport. And what is the most loved game if not football? Fortunately, Xbox does not contradict itself and also brings something to that effect. If you have to buy the title to play FIFA, the old one is different Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), which has completely changed direction.

In fact, today it is called eFootball and is free to download; only some offline and single player modes, to be implemented in the future, will include a purchase.

Pes / eFootball is available today with a limited amount of game modes since still in development. However, you can already alternate both in some single-player modes and, above all, in the online matches, already usable by users, even here in cross-platform.

The game retains most of the mechanics from the old PES, so if you have a blast with PES 2020 and PES 2021 Season Update, the last two predecessors, the new eFootball will also be a favorite of yours. As long as we wait patiently for its development, which is not yet fully completed.

If you want a sport-like experience but without realism, instead, there is Rocket League. In this title you will always have to score, but by kicking the ball with big cars racing in a futuristic and fascinating stadium! If you can master the movement system, accelerate and brake, fun and victories are guaranteed.

As you have learned by now, even the Rocket League cars follow the same system as the Fortnite characters: purchases and upgrades are only aesthetic, so have fun without worries, no one will have an advantage in terms of objects.

Crazy and goofy fun: Fall Guys is here

A few weeks ago, a previously paid game has been added, and today finally free – even for Xbox. It is about Fall Guys, a title that has entertained thousands of gamers all over the world. His arrival in free to play was in fact welcomed with enthusiasm!

In this almost casual video game as well as completely crazywe will impersonate a little man in the shape of a colorful bean, which will compete in a series of action minigames against many of his fellow men. The goal is remain the last participant in the race, surviving several trials.

The game works a bit like the old TV show Takeshi’s Castle and his emulator Wipeout: depending on the minigame, different objects will annoy us trying to make us fall, or we will have to finish first in an obstacle course, or we will have to find the right door.

Starting with over 60 green beans, the only one that lasts until the end is the winner! Here, too, there is no binding in-game purchase – it’s a game Epic, so you only buy skins and purely aesthetic objects. Instead, think about launching yourself in colorful challenges full of strange objects, including falls and desperate jumps.

After all, the panorama of games free or included in subscriptions it is always expanding, as the experiment of Netflix Gaming has shown.

If, on the other hand, you are linked to more single player games and with higher specific weightyou just have to dive into the new August releases for all consoles, including Xbox.

Best free Xbox games of August 2022