Asbestos in condominiums: obligations for the administrator, risks, removal methods

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Safety in buildings has as its purpose the protection of health and safety, both condominiums and workers who work inside the buildings. Quality of life, protected and guaranteed by the Constitution, which. in the condominium area it is strengthened by the principle of condominium solidarity. That is, the mitigation of all those “inconveniences” that can limit the usability of one’s right of residence and common goods.

From the combined provisions of Articles 32 and 42 of the Italian Constitution, a certain standard of safety and a good quality of life must be guaranteed for each of the residents inside a condominium. Precisely because health is among the most important human rights, is synonymous with physical integrity due, also, to the healthiness of the environment in which one resides, which if violated requires the payment of important compensation. But equally significant is the right of everyone to live in a dignified home, where private interest is subordinated to the interest of the community.

Reflection raised by a reader who asks: “I have been living for years in a building from the nineties, in which there is the presence of asbestos products. According to the legislation it should be disposed of. What are the obligations of the administratorwhat and how many are the risks and what are the methods of removal? “.

Hot topic raised by our reader in a historical / social period in which the safety of the citizen is a priority. Asbestos is a mineral belonging to the group of silicates and for its inherent characteristics and bass pricein Italy it was widely spread in the 90sboth in the construction field in the construction of condominium buildings (for the construction of lifts, canopies, sewer pipes and heating systems), and in the industrial field (in the construction of technological systems, sewerage systems, pipes, radiators, boilers and means of transport).

In 1995, law 257 interrupted the marketing of asbestos, because it was found to be dangerous to health. The material composed of fibers, if inhaled, are deposited on the lung cells and inside the airways, developing serious pathologies. For disposal it is necessary to resort to the intervention of a specialized company that is registered in the national register of environmental managers.

But first the condominium administrator must perform an accurate census and mapping of all asbestos products present in the various common areas, with the help of a qualified professional who will have the task of compiling a specific form. P.In order to comply with this obligation, no approval by the shareholders’ meeting is required he is only required to inform the condominiums of the discovery of traces of friable asbestos in the building. In addition to promptly inform the ASL and obtain authorization for removal, failing this, it could incur a fine. Finally, the costs for the disposal of eternity will be divided by thousandths.

Finally, by virtue of the principle of solidarity and the right to health, the attentive condominium, can be a diligent part and follow the bureaucratic process of reporting to the competent ASL and in case of delay in the removal authorization, the citizen is given the possibility to report the delay to the competent authorities.


“Culture is the basis of society, making us independent, free and pushing us to reason to have common sense”. And in this context of Welfare Stateunderstood as a social system aimed at guaranteeing the safety and well-being of citizens, which is part of the path taken by the Varese Condominium Chamberin the person of general manager Andrea Leta.

A futuristic vision “de la co-ownership”, as the French cousins ​​would say, that of the local condominium room. Viewing welcomed too by the National Union of Condominium Chambers, chaired by the lawyer Michele Zuppardi, whose end is to promote research, study and basic and permanent training in the field of law, technology, administration and more generally of condominium management and disseminate the results and other activities indicated in the Articles of Association.

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Asbestos in condominiums: obligations for the administrator, risks, removal methods