777 Motors presents the new millionaire hypercar designed by Umberto Palermo!

777 Motors presents its first and ambitious project; here, precisely, 777 hypercar a very limited edition track splinter!

If it is true to say that for some months now (or years) a Monza we live on football, thanks to the long-awaited landing in the coveted Serie A signed by the iconic (for better or for worse) duo Berlusconi-Galliani; it is also true to say, indeed very true, that in this “small”, elegant and characteristic Lombard center, which has always been speed and smell of burnt tires. The city of the famous “Nun”, which also inspired Manzoni, in fact is considered one of the centers automotive most important in the world; and from now on he has a new four-wheeled baby… Well yes, blue ribbon in Monza; the newborn brand 777 Motors, founded by entrepreneur and collector Andrea Levy, has presented its first and most ambitious project. It’s about a car never seen before, and to say futuristic would be an understatement; a real sliver of asphaltbut only on the track though, one millionaire sportswoman produced in very limited edition; that’s what we’re talking about.

777 hypercars, so as not to confuse interested parties and all enthusiasts too much, is the name of this new creation; a real novelty in the world ofAutomotive whole that sees, in addition to its own forms, technical and performance characteristics, in its own modern and visionary track nature its main feature. We are talking about a unicum in the history of four wheels, a project that will certainly go down in history and that will also be able to mark a certain starting point in the world of sports supercars (even the standard ones), which, in the years to come, will be able to take inspiration from some interesting details and particulars developed by 777 Motors, and implement them in their new models.

L’car Furthermore, presented here, it is not unique only for its appearance and for its “secrets”, but it is also and above all unique for the particular features it brings with it. That is, specialized simulation programs to help lucky owners prepare for driving such a lightning four-wheeler, and events to them uniquely to them. The price of all this? Well, choosing another number would have been somewhat inconsistent: 7 million euros!

777 Motors and its hypercar


Monza has a new hypercar, therefore; a car that can be summarized simply as follows: fast, light, powerful and expensive… The idea of ​​the founder of 777 Motors, as well as financier of the project, was to give life to a vehicle approved only for the track; thus, in the design and production phases, to be free from the multitude of constraints and restrictions that control and regulate the world of mass-produced motoring, the road one to be clear. In this way the engineers and the designer of the project, i.e Umberto Palermo, they were able to freely abandon themselves to the imagination; giving life to something that, frankly, had never been seen before. And giving free rein to the inspiration of professionals can only have a single result; a “futuristic” product, full of innovations and exclusive details which, if developed properly, could set an example for other car models in the future.

However, the 777 hypercar is made up of a very light weight carbon monocoque FIA approved and with a bodywork designed by Umberto Palermo, in fact. What characterizes this track sports car in a unique way are the particular and fine LED headlights that give a sharper cut especially to the front, while at the rear these also “invade” the side. Streamlined, well-designed shapes and sizes; moreover, thanks to its very particular “horseshoe” fenestration, the hypercar seems to want to imitate the aesthetics of a rocket or a spaceship ready to take off for space. While other elements such as brakes, suspension and gearbox present here have been taken directly from the racing world, and developed in collaboration with partners who have participated in endurance races, such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the 24 Hours of Daytona.

To give life to this model we find, however, a peculiar motor 4.5 naturally aspirated V8, which is able to reach 9,000 rpm (without any electrification) and offer a good 730 HP of maximum power. Furthermore, the super light engine does not affect too much the weight of the entire car (900 kg) and its power supply synthetic fuels guarantees a reduction of CO2 emissions of 65%. In terms of performance, then, the 777 manages to reach a top speed of 370 km/h; managing to finish a lap at Monza in 1 minute and 33 seconds, a shorter time than Glikchenhaus who managed to take pole position at the 2022 WEC 6 Hours of Monza. And that means only one thing: to drive the 777 hypercar you have to be prepared. Here then is…

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The “package” of the hypercar

… the brand offers its lucky (and wealthy) customers a pretty good package. Included in the seven million it takes to buy one of 7 prototypes (because yes, only 7 of this hypercar will be produced) and also features a specially built machinery designed to reinforce the neck area to help the novice driver handle the high stresses on the track and a professional simulator Gt by Tech And Sym worth around 100,000 euros, which is built on a Dallara chassis and is able to reconstruct the behavior of the car simply perfectly. Also included are 14 exclusive events that will take place over two years and that will see the owners of the 777 as protagonists.

Furthermore, this exclusive “offer” also includes a Sparco racing kit and a Stilo helmet that allows real-time communication between the driver, engineers and mechanics. The “deliveries” of the seven 777 hypercars will begin in 2025, so we will have to wait a little longer; but already next springMonza racetrack an original size model will be exhibited. Furthermore, this iconic location also represents the future fixed location of all these seven cars. In fact, the owners will be able to organize a test session on the track by contacting the manufacturer a few days in advance and thus have a team of engineers at their disposal ready to give them support during the laps on the track.

777 Motors presents the new millionaire hypercar designed by Umberto Palermo!