11 Playmobil toys at a discount at Amazon Mexico’s Good End 2022: from 133 pesos with sets of ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Ghostbusters’

We are just about to start the Good End 2022Nevertheless, amazon mexico has come forward with his epic deals from November 15 to 17, Right now we can find different categories with discounts, for example the Echo devices with Alexa you can find them from 499 pesos.

Now we have for you a selection of diverse Playmobil sets with different licences, ideal for giving away this Good End 2022 and what can you find in amazon mexico since 133 pesos.

All options are products sold and shipped by amazon mexico so you have all the benefits of free deliveries for all users and faster shippings if you have a membership of Amazon Prime.

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The following sets are the most prominent, however, you can find more Playmobil set with discount on Amazon Mexico.

Set of two figures from ‘Back to the Future’ Marty and Doc Brown

Two figures representing iconic characters from the ‘Back to the Future’ movies. You can find it for just 133 pesos

Marty and Doc Brown

mountain biker rescue

Game set with rescuers and biker that you can find for only 359 pesos

mountain biker rescue

Wiltopia Manatee Boat Trip

You can find this game set with figures of animal caretakers by 635 pesos


‘Back to the Future’ Delorean

You can find the famous car from the movie together with figures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown for only 661 pesos


City Life Private Jet

A game set that includes an airplane and figures for only 699 pesos

private jet

‘Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1A

The iconic car from the movie along with the ghostbusters for only 845 pesos.


‘Novelmore’ Knights Airship

It is a game set that contains a Zeppelin and several figures from the Novelmore universe, you can find it for only 946 pesos.

Novel Knights Airship

Porsche Mission-E

This real car rendering includes a remote control, you can find it by 1,154 pesos.


‘Knight Rider’ – The Fantastic Car

This kit includes the famous car from the 80’s series that releases sounds when you touch a button. you find it for only 1,370 pesos


Pirate Ship Skull

You can find the game set that includes a pirate ship and figures for only 1,609 pesos.

pirate ship skull

‘Ghostbusters’: Fire Station Barracks

This set recreates one of the scenes from the movie that perfectly complements the Ghostbusters car set. you find it for only 1,642 pesos.

ghostbuster barracks

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11 Playmobil toys at a discount at Amazon Mexico’s Good End 2022: from 133 pesos with sets of ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Ghostbusters’