Apple, the first tech brand to endorse inflation

It was a cold shower that participants at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference felt on Monday, June 6, 2022. Hundreds of them gathered at Apple Park, the futuristic ring-shaped headquarters in Cupertino (United States). United) to attend the presentation of new software and hardware from the Apple brand. Among them, the new generation of the … Read more


Is titled “Collaborative FabLab for Creative Makers” the international school project that took a long tour before ending in Lucera. At the library of San Pasquale they were final results presented of the initiative that brought together four Italian and one Estonian schools, with the involvement of 840 pupils of all age groups and for … Read more

Under the skies of the world: the neighborhoods of Lisbon, Portugal

Today, Lisbon is in fashion. The Portuguese capital has not lost the melancholic essence that the first towns that arrived on its shores gave it. They did it from distant countries, sailing across the wide sea horizon that mixes the waters of the Atlantic Ocean with those of the Tagus River. Views of Lisbon and … Read more

Ereban: Shadow Legacy, an infiltration game between technology and occultism announced exclusively on Xbox and PC


For his first production, Baby Robot Games chain of successes. The Barcelona studio has distinguished itself by partnering with Raw Furyknown on the independent scene, and has mostly managed to have a niche within the framework of the presentation Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 from this evening. The team was able to … Read more

Independent video games: Intel Join the Indie 2022 showcases the best of Italy


It is not often that you find the excellence of Italian independent gaming under one roof. Yet Intel has succeeded in the enterprise by bringing journalists together with many development studios (consolidated and emerging) of the Italian scene to let us tell what they are working on. Before introducing them, however, Intel explained a couple … Read more

FICG 2022: Far from the melodrama

By integrating the Mezcal Fiction and Ibero-American Fiction sections of FICG 37, we realized that one of the characteristics of this year are stories linked to coexistence and family problems. Tensions, dramas and development of relationships between two or three people: Parents and children, siblings or lonely characters with neighbors or the environment. Stories that, … Read more

Shoe Test | The Harden Vol. 6, a step further into the future


As with other models released this season, the Harden Vol. 6 will have borne the brunt of a complicated post-Covid context. But unlike the Kyrie 8, presented last week, James Harden’s signature shoe benefited from perfect timing as the brand with the three stripes coincided the release of the Harden Vol. 6 with the trade … Read more

“Top Gun: Maverick” Unveils Future Hypersonic Aircraft


The film Top Gun: Maverick anticipates the probable future of military aircraft: the hypersonic. The collaboration between Lockheed Martin and the production of the famous sequel to the 1980s film produced the Darkstar. An aircraft on the border between engineering and science fiction, which hides explicit references to the state of the art… and beyond. … Read more

This futuristic speedboat is actually the world’s first 100% electric sea taxi


Share Candela is a manufacturer of electric boats. The P-8 Voyager, on the other hand, is a boat that can be considered the first great battery-powered sea taxi. Electric mobility is increasingly reaching a greater number of means of transport. What began with the expansion of the electric scooter has become a alternative you are … Read more

A weekend rich in colors and flavors

Multicolored barrels, pink flamingos, palm trees, flowers and cacti are some of the decorative elements that make up the colorful universe of the very first edition of the Solstice Festival, which kicked off on Friday, June 10. A multicultural celebration of culinary, musical and artisanal diversity highlighting the arrival of summer in Beauce, the event … Read more