Ultima Haine: “Let’s sing the redemption of the suburbs”

music NoonMay 27, 2022 – 4:39 pm Santamaria a multi-ethnic tribute to the cinema of Kassovitz and to the Patron Saint of Quarto from Giuliano Delli Paoli The faces covered by colored masks, drawn with tribal and futuristic features at the same time. And a name, Ultima Haine, which pays homage to the cult film … Read more

Every Gene Roddenberry Project (Besides Star Trek), Ranked According To IMDb

The success of shows like Strange new worlds proved that Gene Roddenberry’s ideas are strong enough to last for decades. However, star trek wasn’t the only thing he created, and he had a long career in the entertainment industry developing various film and television projects. Whatever project he created, Roddenberry always imbued his stories with … Read more

Scission: the jewel series of Apple TV + between sci

Produced and directed (in part) by Ben Stiller, the Scissione series is an exceptional work of suspense, geometry and split consciousness. “But I don’t have AppleTV +,” many of you will say. You cannot be a subscriber to all streaming services, God forbid, but it is important to know that among all the platforms that … Read more

Ephemeris TODAY: what is commemorated on June 9

On June 9, geniuses of music were born like mitch mitchell Y matthew bellamyartists like Johnny Depp Y Natalie Portman. Also soda Stereo Y Madonna resumed their careers announcing their respective comeback tours after years inactive. Get to know this and other ephemerides of this June 9the most important events around the world. Cousin’s Day … Read more

The mother and the whore, Jurassic World, Little flower… The films to see or avoid this week

A provocative film by Jean Eustache from 1973, the sixth part of the saga Jurassic, a black comedy that hides its game well… What should we see this week? Discover the cinema selection of Figaro. The mother and the whore – Have Presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 1973, invisible since 1981, Jean Eustache’s … Read more

On DVD “Cruel jaws”, or The Shark according to Bruno Mattei


Mustang Entertainmant (www.cgentertainment.it) makes available on DVD media an authentic gem for diehard fans of exploitation and z-movie made in Italy: Cruel jawswhich, also known by the title Cruel jawsbehind the English-speaking name of its director William Snyder actually hides that of the very Italian Bruno Mattei.The Bruno Mattei that horror fans know very well … Read more

Saudi Arabia wants to build the tallest building ever

In early 2021, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman presented Neom in more detail, a pharaonic project for a giant, digital and green city in the heart of the Saudi desert and the most visible face of the plan. Vision 2030the great project of transformation and diversification of the kingdom. “As Chairman of the Board of … Read more

Beijing Express 2022: The Preview of the Final aired Tonight on Sky Uno


the grand finale has finally come. After thousands of kilometers tonight we will know the winners of the Beijing Express on the Route of the Sultans. All the anticipations to be prepared for the decisive challenge. Finally it will all make sense. After 7 thousand kilometers always running, more than 3 thousand hours of filming … Read more

The bet is still the metaverse: 74% trust the digital age

It is estimated that during the first quarter of 2022, at least 74 percent of those surveyed were already aware of the metaverse. Although the term “metaverse” arises from the literature, it was only thanks to the change of Facebook’s name that it became popular. At present, technology is still limited, for the development of … Read more