Atomic Heart a procuré de fortes sensations lors de son annonce en mai 2018, tant il a de suite fait émerger les fantasmes d’un Bioshock à la sauce soviétique auprès du public. Le premier titre du studio Mundfish s’est depuis pas mal fait attendre. Fraîchement débarquée dans le gamepass le 21 février dernier et auréolée … Read more

Nintendo vs PlayStation vs Xbox: What their logos say about them


The title of the best game console has always been shared between those of Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox, even if Nintendo is somewhat apart. All three builders each have advantages that have helped them build a loyal fan base. If you’re new to gaming, you might not know which console is right for you. Thanks … Read more

The most futuristic technologies are exhibited at GITEX 2022 in Dubai

5G, artificial intelligence, cloud, cybersecurity, FinTech, blockchain, data analysis or even smart cities… The GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) whose 2022 edition has just been held in Dubai offered a compendium of the most advances. This event, now in its 42nd edition, is no longer a niche show, but the largest exhibition of its type … Read more

Cardiac surgery by teleportation…


Beyond its indisputable educational interest, the use of the metaverse and especially of augmented reality in medicine, could make it possible to “transport” operating teams thousands of kilometers away. Insight into a futuristic medical practice with Patrick Nataf and Boris Hansel. TRANSCRIPTION Boris Hansel- Hello everyone. Do you know teleportation and the metaverse (or metaverse)? … Read more

The world’s first positive energy impact residential fund acquires the Elithis tower project in Mulhouse


(Boursier.com) — The Catella-Elithis Positive Energy Fund (CEEPF), the world’s first real estate investment vehicle to focus exclusively on residential programs that produce more renewable energy than the electricity consumed by buildings and tenants, has acquired a program of 64 apartments in Mulhouse, which will be developed by its partner Elithis Groupe, the French sustainable … Read more



Colonial-era houses dating back to the 16th century line the streets, sentinels of history. The morning sun reflects off the terracotta roofs. Silhouetted against the deep blue of the sky, Chinese nets – large cantilevered fishing nets – rise above the waters of the Malabar Coast like the sails of long sunken ships, as they … Read more

Brasilia: priceless works of art ransacked by rioters


Damaged canvases, tagged statues, smashed Louis XIV clock: the horde of Bolsonarists who invaded places of power in Brasilia ransacked everything in their path, including priceless works of art. The three vandalized buildings, the Presidential Palace of Planalto, the Supreme Court and the seat of Congress, constitute **treasures of modern architecture signed Oscar Niemeyer.**The futuristic … Read more

Disappointed, Disappointed, Disappointed: All the Big Oscar Nomination Snubbers


Yesterday, the Academy of Oscars revealed its list of nominees for the 95th statuette race to be held on March 15 in Los Angeles. As choosing is giving up, there are – like every year – surprises and disappointments, missing people, but also real shortcomings. We recap. And the 2023 Oscar nominees are… The few … Read more