Domenico Bosatelli died. The founder of Gewiss was 88 years old

from Bergamo online editorial office The funeral home was set up in Viale Vittorio Emanuele Domenico Bosatelli died in the night in his home, he was 88 years old. He was surrounded by his wife Giovanna and his children Fabio, Luca and Matteo. The funeral parlor set up in Palazzo del Monte, in Bergamo in … Read more

‘The caretaker’, the world six pandemics later

The Caretaker, the award-winning play written in 1957 by Nobel Laureate Harold Pinterhas been adapted by the Peruvian playwright Mikhail Page to perform at the British Theatre. The popular black comedy portrays a society in decline, where intolerance reigns, xenophobia abounds, immigrants are persecuted and leads us to question where we are going as a … Read more

Gravastar Mars Pro review: the Bluetooth speaker for science fiction fans

The Gravastar Mars Pro is a truly original Bluetooth speaker: a spherical robot with a complete and powerful wireless audio system inside. Robot model with three legs and a flashy multicolored LED lighting system. The Mars Pro can be purchased in six variants with different designs; object of our test is the special edition called … Read more

Audi Q4 e


We have already thoroughly tested, albeit in a first contact, the compact and highly technological SUV of the Four Rings, we are talking about the Audi Q4 e-tron 2022. This is also the first electric compact SUV from the Ingolstadt company which boasts three powers, two batteries and a range of up to 520 kilometers. … Read more

Theater, “CATs” at the Sistina from 7 December in Rome


Monday 6 June 2022 – 16:50 Theater, “CATs” at the Sistina from 7 December in Rome And from February 2023 on tour Rome, June 6 (askanews) – The new great international production of PeepArrow Entertainment in collaboration with the Sistina Theater of Rome signed by the most active and creative director, producer and adapter of … Read more

It would be crazy to throw the water out of the air conditioner because not everyone knows these 3 very useful functions to reuse it

Transforming waste material into something valuable and useful. It is known that, for the next few years, this is a frontier to be reached for humanity. However, not everyone knows that these results can also be achieved at home. Many, for example, may not know that it would be crazy to throw the water out … Read more

Maserati Grecale: hybrid, electric or with 530 horsepower


An electric SUV from Maserati? Here is something you do not expect, especially when you think of the tradition of the Modenese house, dominated by super-sports spider and GT cars powered by combustion engines with 6 or 8 cylinders. A sign of the changing times and of the Italian manufacturer’s orientation towards sustainable performance. The … Read more

Women in art and in the kitchen: a combination that made history


D.omne in the art and birth of the kitchena combination that is far from easy to explain (and illustrate) on the occasion of 60 years since the Brescia Delegation of the Italian Academy of Cuisine. A “convivial” and a party desired by the enthusiast and efficient president Giuseppe Masserdottiwhich attracted the interest and attention of … Read more

Miraidon, the electric dragon from the future


L’hype-train from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet officially started on Wednesday 1 June with the long-awaited second trailer of the new ninth generation games, and among the numerous images shown in the video we made the acquaintance of the two legendary Pokémon: Koraidon And Miraidon. Miraidon will be the Pokémon protagonist of the Pokémon Violet legends … Read more

Starfield Preview: Exploring a Vast Universe |


During the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, the famous software house has finally decided to give us updates and insights on what, in its plans, will be one of the next reference titles: Starfield. The game, released in 2023, was admired in all its beauty, also showing some finishing touches necessary to make it truly … Read more