Murders of robots and time travelers: the unusual police stories of the new Ray Bradbury anthology

Ray Bradbury Ray Douglas Bradbury is arguably one of the most influential fantasy writers of the 20th century. His work not only attracted millions of readers and has transcended time and space, but also became an inspiration for other writers and directors such as the brilliant François Truffaut, who brought his novel to the screen … Read more

FICG 2022: Far from the melodrama

By integrating the Mezcal Fiction and Ibero-American Fiction sections of FICG 37, we realized that one of the characteristics of this year are stories linked to coexistence and family problems. Tensions, dramas and development of relationships between two or three people: Parents and children, siblings or lonely characters with neighbors or the environment. Stories that, … Read more

This is how homes are managed with voice assistants and touch systems

Turn lights on and off; open and close doors and curtains, as well as the drawers of different furniture; control all your home appliances, including surveillance cameras with a voice command or a simple touch of the screen on your cell phone, no matter where you are, it stopped being part of science fiction movies … Read more

This futuristic speedboat is actually the world’s first 100% electric sea taxi

Share Candela is a manufacturer of electric boats. The P-8 Voyager, on the other hand, is a boat that can be considered the first great battery-powered sea taxi. Electric mobility is increasingly reaching a greater number of means of transport. What began with the expansion of the electric scooter has become a alternative you are … Read more

What to watch today on TV? Saturday June 11, 2022


15.10 / Movistar Classics ‘Horizons of greatness’ The big country. United States, 1958 (145 minutes). Director: William Wyler. Cast: Gregory Peck, Jean Simmons, Charlton Heston, Burl Ives. Legendary Western film, directed to perfection by master William Wyler and with a cast full of glamor (with two impressive performances by Burl Ives and Gregory Peck), in … Read more

This is the FN F2000, the futuristic rifle that Ukraine uses and looks like something out of a video game


Related news The highly powerful weapons and armor that are being used in the war between Russia and Ukraine, such as the US M777 howitzer or the Terminator 2 tank with which Putin wants to win the street war, take center stage in the conflict. However, small arms are also crucial in combat. Between assault … Read more

Francois Truffaut’s correspondence with writers | It has just been published in France in a volume of almost 900 pages, still without a translation into Spanish.

One of the funniest scenes the four hundred blows takes place in the tiny Parisian apartment where the protagonist lives with his parents. Problem child Antoine Doinel had promised his mother to get a good grade at school with a composition and for that he sets up a kind of altar with a photo of … Read more