In the life of an actor or actress, age, physique, desire and a million factors can end up influencing so that they decide to stop acting or, at least, stop appearing in movies.

That is the case of some great artists that we will bring today and who have been missing from the world of cinema for years.


Reasonable resemblances between famous performers

The sea for voluntary withdrawals, like that of the great Rick Moranisor for less familiar reasons, some actors and actresses “disappear” from the big screen.

Today, at Hobby Consoles, we highlight several well-known actors and actresses who haven’t been in a movie in years.


For 20 years, Cameron Díaz was one of the muses of cinema. There were not a few directors who coveted working with her.

From The Mask to varied films such as Gangs of New York or Charlie’s AngelsCameron Díaz has touched several clubs in the industry.

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In 2014, after finishing annie, the actress simply got tired. The first thing she did was take a break that has become permanent.

Cameron Diaz’s only credit since 2014 was a short film titled Boss Bitch Fight Challenge.


The Fifth Element - Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker rose to fame thanks to his role as Ruby Rhod in The Fifth Element, something that we can never thank enough for Luc Besson.

For several years he was very popular on the screen, especially in the saga of buddy movies Rush Hour, with Jackie Chan.

However, since Rush Hour 3, Tucker has only appeared in two film projects, the last one in 2016, with the fantastic Billy Lynn. Tucker is said to be choosing his roles more carefully now, although Rush Hour 4 is announced and he will presumably return as Detective James Carter.


Forrest Gump

Another missing actress is the prolific Sally Field, who in recent years has decided to get closer to the world of television series and theater.

Although we have been able to see her in series like Maniac or Winning Time: The Lakers Dynastyhis last role in a movie was in Little Demon, in 2017, and it was quite anecdotal.

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For one thing, with two Oscars at home and a career of unforgettable movies under her belt, Sally Field doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone at this point.

Of course, he will participate in the next movie spoiler alertand is currently filming the feature film Eighty for Brady.


The glow

Yes Jack Nicholson doesn’t want to act, you can only say “thank you, Mr. Nicholson, for that.” This living legend has his own firmament in the form of feature films.

The legend of movies like Some one flies over the cuco’s nidus o The glow said goodbye to the cameras in 2010 with How do you know if…?Although no official announcement was made.

There were rumors that he would participate in the remake of the German film titled Tony Erdmanbut Nicholson ended up turning down the role.


When Harry Met Sally - Meg Ryan

She was one of the “sweethearts of America” ​​in the 80s and 90sespecially for the most exciting cup of coffee in the history of romantic comedies.

But Meg Ryan kind of disappeared from the front lines in the early 2000spresumably for personal reasons.

His last movie job was Ithaca, a military drama that she directed in 2015. Most of his latest works are secondary and, mainly, for television.

Tom Welling

Crisis on Infinite Earths - Tom Welling as Smallville's Clark Kent

Tom Welling owes his fame mainly to television seriesmore specifically to SmallvilleWe are not going to fool ourselves.

However, he also made some promising first steps in the movies of twelve at home. His last work on the big screen was The decision, in 2016, and we have not seen him in theaters again, although in series like Lucifer or the arrowverse.

Mind you, he’s currently in pre-production for the movie. Deep Six. We may soon be able to take Welling off this list.


Precious - Mo'Nique

The usual thing when you receive an Oscar, is that the producers riddle you with interesting offers. However, that It was not the case of Mo’Nique after being crowned with Precious.

The actress won the Oscar for best supporting actress in 2010but he has barely had a role in movies in the last decade.

His latest film is Almost Christmasin 2016, although he has finished filming The Reading and prepares for the shooting of Demon House.


matthew fox

Though matthew fox He had been acting since the 90s, it was not until Perdidos (Lost) when his fame was really catapulted.

A success like that would make you believe that Fox’s career was going from strength to strength… but no. The actor participated in several successful projects, such as World War Z, but he went quite unnoticed with minor roles.

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His last film was in 2015, when he co-starred in Bone Tomahawk With Kurt Russell and Patrick Wilson. However, he is filming the series Last Light.

With this we conclude this review of some actors and actresses who have been missing from the big screen for years. Some earned a well-earned break, others made poor role choices, and others simply haven’t found their place again.

Well-known actors and actresses who haven’t made a movie in many years