Welcome to Gattaca will have the right to its series

Welcome to Gattacathe magnificent film of anticipation of Andrew Niccol, will be adapted in series by Showtime.

The revolution will be televised. It is an understatement to say it, but the border between the world of cinema and series has continued to shrink over the years until it has become virtually non-existent. The future of Star Wars seems to be taking shape on Disney+ with The Mandalorian Or Andor, ambition and budgets have exploded and today’s best directors have tried their hand at the exercise like Barry Jenkins with The Underground Railroad or Xavier Dolan with The Night Laurier Gaudreault Woke Up.

But this porosity has also given rise to another phenomenon, which has seen the universe of certain films adapted directly for the small screen. One could cite in particular the anthology Fargo who brilliantly transposed the spirit of the Coen brothers’ work into a serial format, or the follow-up given to Evil Dead, Sam Raimi’s cult trilogy in Ash vs Evil Dead. And another film will perpetuate this trend since Welcome to Gattaca, Andrew Niccol’s superb science fiction film, should have the right to its adaptation into a TV series by the Showtime channel.

Preparation for filming a series

The film takes place in the near future where technology has taken precedence over children’s natural conception and where eugenics is practiced throughout society. The story goes as Vincent Freeman, played by Ethan Hawke, a “natural” child dreams of becoming an astronaut despite his “condition” as an invalid, as portrayed in the footage. He then exchanges his identity with Jerome Morrow (Jude Law), thanks to the help of the latter and will live in lies to realize his dream.

According to information from Deadline, the series should take place a generation after the events of the film, but no other details have been revealed so far. They are the creators and producers of Homeland, Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa, who were responsible for bringing this exciting universe back on behalf of Showtime, the American channel behind trillion Or Dexter. The project has not yet been formalized, but more information should arrive once negotiations with Sony Pictures Television will be finalized. We will follow the case with as much attention as apprehension.

Welcome to Gattaca: photo, Uma Thurman, Ethan HawkeA valid movie

And the series will have a lot to do to achieve the beauty of the original film. Genetic engineering, free will, discrimination and the sanitized worldthe feature film has superbly dealt with some of the cardinal themes of science fiction with an accuracy and a sense of purity that have allowed it to cross the years with grace.

The futuristic retro aesthetic, the heartbreaking fate of its main character and its trio of actors, aided by an absolutely sublime score by Michael Nyman, made it possible to raise the film to the rank of nugget of anticipation. One can only hope the series lives up to its source material. And while waiting for more information, we advise you to discover or rediscover the marvel that is Welcome to Gattaca.

Welcome to Gattaca will have the right to its series