Vincent Cassel, Christoph Waltz… Discover the program of series coming out in February

“Dear Edward” (03/02) – Jason Katims (Emmy award for best screenplay for Friday Night Lights) adapts to the screen the best seller of New York Times written by Ann Napolitano. It will be a question of resilience since this series tells the story of Edward Adler, 12, the only survivor of a plane crash. The young man will have to try to find meaning in his life after this tragedy.

“Hello Tomorrow!” (02/17) – In a retro-futuristic world, Hello Tomorrow! portrays Jack Billings (Billy Crudup seen in Big Fish and the series The Morning Show) a charismatic salesman leading a team of peddlers. Their product? Properties on the Moon.

“Link” (24/02) – Apple is on French (and English) time with the series Connection. This fiction by Virginie Brac (gears) will be directed by Stephen Hopkins (24 hour clock). It’s a thriller starring Eva Green and Vincent Cassel. The central question: how the mistakes of our past can destroy our future.

“The Reluctant Traveler” (02/24) – Eugene Levy (Emmy award for best actor in the excellent series Welcome to Schitt’s Creek) embarked on a world tour like a twenty-year-old backpacker. And he wonders why he made this choice.

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“The Newsreader” (02/02). Australian showrunner Michael Lucas takes an interest in the 80s through the prism of the profession of journalist. Immersion behind the scenes of a newscast.

“One night” (03/02) – Arte decides to dip into the BBC’s “series” fund. The pitch of this series dates from 2012: why is young Alfie in possession of a firearm? For 24 hours, through four angles, Paul Smith recounts a tragic night.


“Elvira” (02/24). This Danish series by Lærke Sanderhoff and Heidi Maria Faisst depicts the daily life of Elvira, receptionist in a brothel. The latter will infiltrate the shady circles of Copenhagen. To see on Be on demand.

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“The Net: Promised Land” (01/02) – Football recruiter David dies in an accident in front of his girlfriend. A lawyer named Lea Brandstätter. The latter feels that everything is not clear. Especially since Marcel, a hooligan, comes to see her to tell her about the death of one of his friends in front of the stadium. Stabbed by unknown persons near where David died. Lea and Marcel will investigate until they reach the upper echelons of football. An Austrian mini-series.

“Mobile 101” (02/15) – The fight with Motorola, the invention of the “3310”… After Spotify, Uberit’s Nokia’s turn to be at the center of a series. Mobile 101 tells the story of a small company that has become a behemoth of global telephony. This mini-series is the work of Maarit Lalli.

”Anatomy of a Divorce” (02/22) – Disney+ adapts the novel by Taffy Brodesser-Akner (Fleishman Is in Trouble) where the author recounted the struggle of Toby Fleishman (played in the series by Jesse Eisenberg – The Social Network). This man, a recently divorced 41-year-old doctor, is diving into the new world of dating apps. His ex-wife Rachel (Claire Danes), for her part, disappears without saying where she is.


”Gunther, the dog that was worth millions” (01/02) – A dog is said to have inherited a colossal fortune, originally bequeathed by a wealthy countess. He would be the owner of a yacht, of several properties in Italy… In this documentary series, Netflix leads the investigation to clarify the gray areas. Behind this absurd story, there is a man: Maurizio Mian.

“You”, season 4 (09/02) – fans of the series You eagerly awaiting the first episodes of season 4.

“Lidia lays down her law” (02/15) – This Italian series tells the life of Lidia Poët, a pioneering Italian lawyer. It immerses us in Turin in the 19th century.

“Robbers” – season 2 (02/17) – A year and a half after the broadcast of season 1 (adapted from the eponymous film), Julien Leclercq returns to the helm of season 2.

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“Black Hearts” (03/02) – This 6-episode mini-series immerses us with the special forces in the midst of the war against Daesh. They are in charge of exfiltrating the daughter and the grandson of an important French Emir of Daesh whom they have captured. Two screenwriters from Office of Legends (Duong Dang-Thaï and Corinne Garfin) and director Ziad Doueiri (Black Baronnominated for an Oscar for The Insult) are at the helm of this thriller.

“La Cabeza by Joaquin Murrieta” (02/17) – Like Pablo Neruda, who had written a play about his life, this mini-series tells the legend of Joaquín Murrieta. A hero for Mexicans, a villain for the United States. A dive into the gold rush era

“The consultant” (24/02) – Christopher Waltz (Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained) is back and he once again takes on the role of a sociopathic villain. In this series, he is Regus Patoff, a consultant who has come to put “order” in the accounts of a large company.


“Small Axis” (01/02) – RTBF is adding this Steve McQueen series to its catalog (Twelve Years a Slave, Shame…). The Oscar-winning filmmaker recounts West Indian presence and struggle in London.

“Cheaters” (08/02) – As the name suggests, adultery will be featured in the British BBC series directed by Oliver Lyttelton.

“Unforgotten 4” (02/15) – RTBF also plans to broadcast the fourth season of this English detective series.

Vincent Cassel, Christoph Waltz… Discover the program of series coming out in February