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Just today Italy bids farewell to one of the greatest masters of the 20th century: Piero Angela. He who knew how to make history, culture, the unveiling of the past combined with the present his reason for living. However, the great Masters give way to the new ones so that the world of art, culture and belonging to its historical roots is not lost in the mists of time. Meeting Ilaria Pisciottani is like entering the novel “A Thousand and One Nights”. Because art saves life, brings the immense closer, touches the soul of the other, so that negative emotions fly away and become possibilities. Ilaria is like the beautiful Sharāzād, who through her art tells the world, man, the essence of existence, being there and meeting. Each work of her narratesa history, postponing the ending to the next work as if it were a long dialogue with the infinite. Ilaria like the beautiful Sharāzād goes on like this, work after work, to reach that moment that makes eternal and saves from the precipice, from the darkness, from the dark night of the soul.

Dear Ilaria, there is a good news: did you arrive first at the Ariccia Award?

Yes, I am very happy with this art award dear Barbara! I am very grateful to you for this interview with which you honor and highlight my artistic commitment, tvb!

What does the Prize do?

The Prize is in its first edition. The organizers and the municipality strongly desired to trace the deeds of the Chigi family: a family of patrons, lover of art who greatly supported the artists of their time. In fact, let me tell you some local history, I’m sure people will enjoy reading it a lot.

We read it with pleasure… let’s start from Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia, what do you think?

The Palazzo Ducale, now a museum in Ariccia (Rome), where the award ceremony for the City of Art award took place, is surrounded by greenery. It is a unique example of a Baroque residence that has remained unchanged in its architectural, urban and landscape context. Inside, an important collection of paintings, sculptures and furnishings contributes to further embellishing the ducal residence, if possible. A real time capsule that miraculously preserves, in addition to environmental harmony, also the furnishings, the function and the original layout of the rooms.

How does it feel to visit it?

His visit is a journey back in time, which catapults us into the past of the great European aristocracy through the history of one of the most illustrious Italian families, the Chigi princes.

The palace was renovated between 1664 and 1672 under the direction of the great Carlo Fontana, prince of late Baroque architecture, according to a design idea by Giovan Lorenzo Bernini, his brilliant teacher. Adjacent to the building you can admire a vast park, a remnant of the “Nemus aricinum” sacred to Diana, a rare relic of the past in a landscape key that, welcoming the original vegetation of the Castelli Romani, forms a mixed wood of broad-leaved trees, with varieties of oaks, maples, hornbeams, etc .. It hosts numerous “patriarchs”, including some Californian sequoias among the oldest in Europe.

Among them also a Pope?

Exactly! So much so that with the papal election of Fabio Chigi who took the name of Pope Alexander VII, the Chigi family acquired new power. It seems that it was Pope Alexander VII who gave Rome a truly baroque appearance, commissioning important urban and architectural interventions from Bernini. While, the “cardinal nephew” Flavio Chigi, was the main architect of the artistic collections of the family. His artistic sensibility promoted painters, sculptors and architects, sponsoring theater and music.

Is there more true?

I am also pleased to remind your readers that the halls of this wonderful palace have hosted actors of great value such as Vittorio Gassman in “The Devil’s Daughter”, Alberto Sordi in his magnificent interpretation of “The Miser” and the director Visconti wanted to set us there the dance scene of his famous 1963 film “Il Gattopardo” with Burt Lancaster, Alain Delon, Claudia Cardinale.

Who can participate in the Award?

Participation is free and is open to emerging artists. You can present yourself in one of the 4 sections: painting; photography; comics and murals. The organization then reserves the right to select, exhibit and participate in the prize the works that are the most beautiful and significant for them.

How did you come to participate?

A person who follows my artistic works let me know that there would be this award. She thought, at this point with good reason, that I might be perfect for this award. Prizes that I have won to my amazement. Thanks Enio for the invitation to participate!

You are a great artist, what did you bring to the competition?

For this first edition the Prize had a very specific theme to respect and therefore I brought a photographic series that goes from the romanticism of the past to the futuristic fantasy.

What is the title of your work?

“Ariccia, yesterday, today and tomorrow”.

How does it feel to receive such a prestigious award?

Simply happy! Because I am a romantic dreamer and I love cities that have their own strong cultural, artistic, but also food and wine identity. It is important to have Italian cities that support our social, economic and tourist fabric.

Who organized the Prize?

The City of Ariccia Art Award is curated by Turist’Arte di Teresa Cisterna (https://turistarte.it/).

In collaboration with the BCC Banca dei Castelli Romani, Tuscolo, the Municipality of Aricciabe and the mayor Gianluca Staccoli. With the important patronage of the Lazio Regional Council.

What do you tell in your works?

I tell a vision of my city. I wanted to portray Ariccia by enhancing its history but at the same time I wanted to project it over time, towards an even more important future that it deserves, as all citizens deserve it of this wonderful excellence that emerges overwhelmingly rich in art, as undisputed beauty, not only of the Lazio region, but of the whole national territory.

Is the soul and heart undoubtedly Teresa Cisterna?

Congratulations to Teresa Cisterna for the great commitment, to all the artists and collaborators of this wonderful art exhibition, I was very moved by the speech that the art master Mario Salvo made to us artists, also on the jury.

How does it feel to be under the attentive and critical eye of the other?

I confess that criticism is always the least of my thoughts when I photograph and exhibit my work or artistic project, I love more than anything else to reach the hearts and minds of the other to arouse my own emotions in him I wanted to thank the authoritative and affectionate jury for appreciating my work, especially for having totally grasped the meaning of my shots. Since I was absent from the awards ceremony, she collected the award for me and read my speech of thanks Mariella Sapienza, I am grateful for her concern.


Yes Barbara, still many projects on the horizon, I did not stop during the lock down period, I will certainly not stop now. On July 30th, as you well know, in the wonderful cedar museum of Santa Maria del cedro in Calabria, Art Global and its president Angiolina Marchese in the presence of authoritative guests, testimonials of Italian culture and politics, gave the go-ahead to one of the first appointments of the presentation of the book “Protagonists of the time of art”, I am honored to be present in this prestigious volume of art and to be able to share it with you who are also part of it in the literary section. Allow me to thank Angiolina Marchese for her great commitment to promoting us emerging and contemporary artists, for the same reasons I also thank all the personalities who wanted to host her and support her in this artistic commitment that were presented and moderated by Madame Ombretta Del Monte, prof. Gianfranco Bartalotta, Senator Fulvia Michela Caligiuri, Ornella Magurno, Adduci Angelo, Gianbattista Sollazzo, the person in charge of the museum Mrs Angela De Franco, the director of the civic museum of Taverna Dr. Francesco De Marco. In this suggestive art exhibition I exhibited my photographic work: “Doubt is the master of love”. To my delight, he enjoyed it both emotionally and critically.

Do you want to add more?

I want to greet with love you who give me confidence and space in your always very exciting articles. I would like to invite your readers to follow my next exhibition, again curated by Art Global, on 20 September at the Angelica bookshop in Piazza Navona in Rome where I hope to meet you as our godmother of art. And then dear Barbara, many other surprises to follow until the end of the year. I have other art locations that will host me, full of history! Would you like to reveal them with me to your readers in the fall?

Of course I want to reveal to my readers these places of charm, culture and history. We will look forward to your every story.

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