The video games to play this August

The time of video games knows no seasons, and this is why the developers have not left us alone this summer, proposing stories that could make our holidays, especially for those who don’t go there, less boring.

Cyberpunk scenarios and dense plots of mystery are the ingredients of the video games of this scorching 2022.

The most addicting video games of summer 2022

Our selection cannot fail to start from Stray, released in mid-July and already among the most popular games. Developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive, Stray is the story of a cat, named Stray, who lives in a feline colony near a sewer system and which, due to excessive curiosity, falls into a pipe , finding himself, when he wakes up, alone and in an unknown place.

The player’s mission will be to guide the cat towards the path home.

What makes this video game appreciated by the public is certainly the setting in which Stray’s story takes place: let’s forget realistic atmospheres, our cat Stray will travel through science fiction environments with a strong cyberpunk character and inhabited by robots (a drone called B-12 will be driving Stray). The mixture of an unusual character and futuristic atmospheres are, consequently, the characteristics that make this production unique.

The game designed for Windows PCs and for Ps4 and Ps5 has launched the fashion of using gadgets (such as the cat carrying backpack), but what is more important is that the game collects, through streaming parties, appeals, sweepstakes, donations to be donated for the care and assistance of stray American cats.

It is definitely different As Dusk Falls, developed by Interior Night and published by Xbox Game Studios. Released on July 19th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Project xCloud and Microsoft Windows, this game offers a thriller narrative, very popular in the summer, full of psychological components that lead the player beyond what is visible in the game. .

As Dusk Falls is set in Two Rock County and the Desert Dream Motel, located in a remote area of ​​Arizona; a place where the fate of two families, found there for different reasons, will intertwine, generating situations from which there will be no turning back and which will mark their lives. The barren and bare landscapes are the background to the complex emotional states of the protagonists, in which the player will be made a participant.

The realization of this production is interesting, As Dusk Falls in fact it alternates 3D graphics with two-dimensional images, moreover the characters have been interpreted by real actors to then appear in digitized form.

Certainly a particular production launched in June is undoubtedly The Quarry by Supermassive games and signed by Nik Bowen for Ps4, Ps5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Microsoft Windows. What makes this game unique in its genre is the clear proximity to cinema, so much so that it has been defined interactive movie as the player is called upon to make choices whose outcome he cannot predict (the game has 186 different endings).

The player can also select the film mode at any time, or stop the game and turn into a spectator just as if he were watching a movie, thus also knowing the different options and events that would have happened if he had made the characters make different choices.

If from the narrative point of view there are not many novelties: supernatural forces that invade a summer camp that must be defeated by a group of teenagers; the strong point of The Quarry is given by the mode of use that this horror work presents and that will not make the viewer bored.

Video games in the sign of summer

Videogames that recall the characteristic features of summer, even looking at past productions, there are really many. This is the case, for example, of Animal Crossing: New Horizons (2020, Nintendo). Our character is on a desert island, and exactly like in previous versions of Animal Crossing, we just have to make him interact with other anthropomorphic creatures and guide him to a location that, this time, is particularly holiday.

It is also from 2020 Wide Ocean Big Jacket by Turnfollow. The story tells of a family holiday that takes place on a campsite. Between making and unpacking the tent, bonfire evenings and excursions to the beach, the plot between the characters will evolve to reveal their most intimate essence.

Aim for a totally marine setting Abzù (Giant Squid Studios, 505 Games) a real dive into the seabed.

If, on the other hand, you want to escape from conventional forms, it is recommended Mutation (Die Gute Fabrik, Akupara Games, Iam8bit Inc) where mutants mix with botanical scenarios and plant atmospheres that literally transport the player to another world. is on Google News:

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The video games to play this August