The Tallest Man On Earth: new single

Bobby Caldwell, oft-sampled soul singer who enjoyed great success in the late 1970s, has died at the age of 71.

Bobby Caldwell, often-sampled blue-eyed soul singer behind the late 1970s hit ” What You Won’t Do for Love “, died at the age of 71 years.

Bobby died at homeTo tweeted Wednesday Mary, Caldwell’s wife. I held him tight in my arms as he left us. My heart is forever broken. Thank you all for your many prayers over the years. »

Although no cause of death was provided, Caldwell had battled health issues for the past six years stemming from an adverse reaction to a fluoroquinolone antibiotic.

Caldwell was best known for his 1978 hit “ What You Don’t Do for Love ‘, a soulful single which rose to number ten on the Billboard Hot 100, in part thanks to its appeal to a large audience: indeed, at the start of his career, Caldwell’s label, TK Records, concealed the fact that he was a white singer, which helped the single chart high on R&B-dominated radio stations. However, when Caldwell began making public appearances to promote the track, the single’s commercial success with black audiences was not diminished.

What You Don’t Do for Love was later covered by artists such as Boyz II Men, Natalie Cole & Peabo Bryson, Michael Bolton and Jessie Ware, and sampled by Tupac Shakur for the rapper’s posthumous single ” Do for Love “.

In fact, much of Caldwell’s contemporary success comes from the fact that his catalog is a reference for hip-hop producers: J Dilla sampled his title ” Open Your Eyes “for the single” The Light by Common in 2000, and Kendrick Lamar used the same song for his title ” ROTC ” The song ” MyFlame by Caldwell was used on the track ” Sky’s the Limit » by Notorious BIG with 112, and its title « carry-on was sampled by A$AP Rocky and Lil Nas X, the latter of which was the subject of a $25 million lawsuit filed by Caldwell over the internet-only track.

Although Bobby Caldwell never matched the solo success of ” What You Don’t Do for Love “, he wrote the tube” The Next Time I Fall in Love for Peter Cetera and Amy Grant, a Grammy-nominated song that reached No. 1 on the Hot 100 in 1986.

In 2015, Caldwell introduced himself to young audiences as Cool Uncle, working with producer Jack Splash, an admirer of Caldwell. ” I thought that was a little weirdCaldwell told RollingStone at the time. Because he’s 20 years my junior. My wife encouraged me to call her. We got on well on the phone. »

Splash added that he hopes Cool Uncle will encourage young fans to ” search the catalog [de Caldwell] until the first two albums. There are real gems in there. »

Daniel Kreps

Translated by the editor

The Tallest Man On Earth: new single