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MEX8170. MEXICO CITY (MEXICO), 10/27/2022.- Photograph provided today, by Paramount+, from the series “Bosé” in Mexico City (Mexico). Freedom, sensuality and courage are three of the great attributes that are historically related to the Spanish artist Miguel Bosé and the actors Iván Sánchez and José Pastor concentrated on them, as they explained to EFE, to give life to the music icon in the series “BOSÉ”, which premieres on November 3. EFE/ Paramount+ ONLY EDITORIAL USE ONLY AVAILABLE TO ILLUSTRATE THE ACCOMPANYING NEWS (MANDATORY CREDIT)

Madrid.- A psychological ‘thriller’ with Steve Carrell and Domnhall Gleeson (“The patient”), the biography on the Spanish singer Miguel Bosé or a detective plot about a character from the Addams Family directed by Tim Burton are some of the most outstanding series premieres in November.

In addition, new seasons of others as popular asor “The Crown” or “Elite”.

“BOSÉ”, November 3 on Paramount+

Miguel Bosé offers an intimate look at his own life in this biographical series, which delves into difficult moments such as his painful relationship with his father, the bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín, and shows him openly snorting cocaine or seducing men and women indistinctly.

«THE SECRET OF THE GRECO FAMILY”, 4 November on Netflix

The lurid true story of the Puccio family continues to give of itself, and after the film by Pablo Trapero (“El clan”, 2015) and the Argentine series by Luis Ortega (“Historia de un clan”), comes this new Mexican version starring by Fernando Colunga.

“THE END OF LOVE”, 4 November on Prime Video

Based on Tamara Tenenbaum’s book of the same name, Lali Espósito stars in this Argentine comedy-drama that chronicles the journey of an energetic pop culture philosopher who rebels against romantic love and monogamy in a quest to discover her true desire. There are ten episodes of 30 minutes.

“DANGEROUS LINKS,” November 6 at Lionsgate

A daring prelude to the famous 18th century novel that was made into a film by Stephen Frears in 1989. The series explores the origins of the relationship between the Marquise de Marteuil (Alice Englert) and the Vicomte de Valmond (Nicholas Denton) in pre-revolutionary Paris. .

“THE CROWN” S5, November 9 on Netflix

The fifth season of “The crown” delves into the nineties with news in its cast: Imelda Stauton takes over from Olivia Colman as Queen of England, Dominic West is Prince Charles; and Elizabeth Debicki, Lady Diana. In this fictional dramatization of recent history, the role of the British royal family will be clearly called into question in this decade.

“HUNTING THE GUILTY”, November 10 on Movistar+

A detective (James Nesbitt) investigates the death of his daughter, from whom he had been estranged for some time, and each of the eight episodes focuses on a suspect being interrogated. This frantic police ‘thriller’ is a British adaptation -created by Matt Baker and directed by Dries Vos- of the Danish series “Face to Face”.

“SWITCHES,” November 11 on Apple TV+

Futuristic live-action series, with half-hour episodes, that addresses issues related to children through the lens of science fiction. With an anthology structure, each episode has different characters, history and settings.

“1899”, November 17 on Netflix

The new mystery series from the creators of “Dark” has an international cast that includes the Spanish Miguel Bernardeau; In its eight episodes, it follows the mysterious circumstances surrounding the journey of an immigrant ship from the old to the new world.

“ELITE” S6, November 18 on Netflix

The shooting of the seventh season has just been announced, with the signing of the Spanish Maribel Verdú, but for now this sixth installment of the series created by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona has arrived, which follows the intense lives of a group of students from a exclusive private school, with a new academic year and new mysteries to solve.

“WEDNESDAY”, November 23 on Netflix

Tim Burton is director and executive producer of this detective mystery series with supernatural elements about the Addams Family character Wednesday’s years as a student at Never Again Academy. As he tries to master his budding psychic ability, Wednesday must stop a monstrous wave of murders that has terrorized the city.

“WILLOW,” November 30 on Disney+

Sequel to the 1988 fantasy film by George Lucas, toSet years after rescuing the infant Empress Elora Danan, the sorcerer Nelwyn returns to lead a band of misfit heroes on a harrowing rescue mission in a magical world. “Willow” features the return of Warwick Davis in the title role.

“THE PATIENT”, November 30 on Disney+

A psychological thriller about a therapist (Steve Carell) who is taken prisoner by a patient (Domhnall Gleeson) who is revealed to be a serial killer and who turns to him for help curbing his homicidal urges. EFE

“The patient”, “Bosé” and a series by Tim Burton, the premieres of November | The EC Republic