‘The Last of Us’: release date in Mexico, trailer, cast and everything we know about the series based on the PlayStation video game

series of ‘The Last of Us’ seems to be just around the corner after the slip up in HBO Maxwhere they updated the entry of the teaser trailer Placing that its date, set for the beginning of next year. With Pedro Pascala and Bella Ramsey as protagonists, this series promises to be a great tribute to the original source.

HBO and sony have been collaborating closely on such a production, inspired by one of the most popular releases in recent years. A few months after its launch, in Xataka Mexico we tell you the key points What you need to know to fully enter the series of ‘The Last of Us’.

When does The Last of Us series premiere in Mexico?

The series of ‘The Last of Us’ will premiere in Mexico on January 15. The information arrived unexpectedly a day earlier, since it was HBO itself who filtered by “error” the date. The North American entertainment chain has in its history various leaks to its credit.

Let’s remember for a second those two occasions that happened to two of its emblematic series: ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘House of the Dragon’. Both in the already finished ‘GoT’ and in the recent ‘HotD’, entire episodes leakedSo this kind of thing has happened to HBO before.

Where can I watch The Last of Us series in Mexico?

The series can only be seen through the official channels of HBO on pay television as well as on the platform of streaming of the company, HBO Max.

How many episodes does The Last of Us series have?

Neil Druckman

Neil Druckman | Creator of The Last of Us

The first season will have a total of 9 episodeswhich will be written by Craig Mazin, creator of the ‘Chernobyl’ series and Neil Druckmann, father of the ‘The Last of Us’ video game. In addition, it has been confirmed that the first episode of this series will have a duration of 85 minutes.

Several directors will be in charge of the episodes, the first two were in charge of Kantemir Balagov (‘A Great Woman’), who recently left production and any relation to the series. Its direction is maintained in a certain part but there will be changes in various sections.

Among the other directors are the same Neil Druckman who apparently was in charge of the sixth episode, so there will also be participation directed by the same creator. They will also be Jasmila Zbanic (‘The revelation of Sara’), Ali Abbasi (‘Shelley’), Peter Hoar (‘Doctor Who’), Jeremy Webb (‘The Umbrella Academy’) and Liza Johnson (‘Room 104’).

When does the second season of The Last of Us premiere?


Today, it is not confirmed that there be a second season, despite the fact that they have said that the first season will only cover the events that occurred in the first installment of the video game.

However, Craig Mazin hinted for the podcast Screenwriting in colors, that the second season will have green light as long as the first one has the necessary push.

Actresses and actors of The Last of Us


Like other major HBO productions, ‘The Last of Us’ will have a great cast of actors and actresses. Among which are:

  • Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller
  • Bella Ramsey as Ellie Williams
  • Gabriel Luna as Tommy Miller
  • Nick Offerman as Bill, everything indicates that the third episode will be very focused on the history of his character.
  • Merle Dandrige as Marlene (she also played Marlene within the game)
  • Anna Torv as Tess Servopouls
  • Storm Reid as Riley Abel
  • Nico Parker as Sarah Miller
  • Lamar Johnson as Henry
  • Keivon Woodard as Sam
  • Ashley Johnson, Ellie’s original actress in the video game, will play Ellie’s mother in the series.
  • Troy Baker, the original actor of Joel in the video game, will be a supporting character of an antagonistic group in the series.

History of The Last of Us

Tlou Game

‘The Last of Us’ places us in an alternate universe where human civilization was almost completely devastated by a mysterious disease that infects humans, turning them into a kind of zombie. The characteristic of the zombies in ‘The Last of Us’ is that the infection comes from a fungus called cordyceps, this fact makes the infected have an unusual appearance when compared to those of other stories.

We live history through the eyes of joel and ellie, being both protagonists and showing how a father-daughter relationship is formed between two strangers. Their journey takes them to various parts of the United States in their quest to reach Boston. Throughout their journey they will meet various characters who will accompany, help or confront them.

Deep down, ‘The Last of Us’ is a story that is not about zombies, but about humanity facing a world in declineas well as to the same history and human relations at all its levels.

‘The Last of Us’: release date in Mexico, trailer, cast and everything we know about the series based on the PlayStation video game