The HBO Peru series that steal attention today

breaking bad, game of Thrones, Squid Game Y euphoria are some of the titles that are part of the golden age of tv series of the new millennium, which have been characterized by being promoted through various platforms in the war for streaming.

Whether because of the quality of the scripts, the production, the actors and even its format, HBO has become one of the viewers favorite platforms to see this type of production, those who no longer wonder how to download a video from Facebook and better pay for the service.

From drama, fiction and even comedy, these are some of the 10 titles of HBO Peru that are currently in the taste of the public and that nobody has stopped talking about:

1. Love Is in the Air

Eda Yıldız is a young flower seller who confronts the young and rich heir Serkan Bolat when he loses, because of him, the scholarship that was going to allow him to study in Italy. To make amends for her mistake, Bolat offers her a deal: if she agrees to spend two months with him as if she were his fiancée, she will help pay for her studies. But this deal will change the course of her life forever.

two. Unfaithful

Asya is a successful doctor with a promising career and has a perfect life with her husband and son. But her life is turned upside down when she finds a blonde hair in her husband’s scarf and she discovers that her life is not as wonderful as she thought.

3. Westworld

Westworld is set in a futuristic amusement park run by Doctor Robert Ford. The facilities have androids whose physical appearance is human and thanks to them visitors can enter any type of fantasy, however dark it may be.

Four. Boruto: Naruto The Movie

A few years have passed since the end of the Shinobi War. Naruto Uzumaki is the seventh Hokage of Konoha, in this new era. His son, Boruto Uzumaki, will soon enter the Chunin Exams, along with Sarada Uchiha and the mysterious Mitsuki.

5. Game of Thrones

In a land where summers last for decades and winters can last a lifetime, trouble lurks. From the machinations of the south to the wild lands of the east, from the frozen north to the thousand-year-old wall that protects the kingdom from dark forces, two powerful families are in a deadly contest to rule the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. As betrayal, lust and supernatural forces shake the pillars of the kingdoms, the bloody battle for the Iron Throne will have unforeseen and momentous consequences. Winter is coming. Let ‘Game of Thrones’ begin.

6. Smiling Friends

A small company dedicated to bringing happiness to the world receives a simple request to help a woman’s unhappy son smile again, but the job turns out to be more complicated than it seems.

7. Secret Truths

Arlette (Camila Queiroz) is a naive teenager who has always dreamed of pursuing a modeling career. After her parents separate from her, she moves to the hectic city of São Paulo with her conservative mother Carolina (Drica Moraes) to live with her grandmother. When financial difficulties begin to worsen, Arlette looks to her big dream for an opportunity to provide her family with a better life. Not much time passes until the ambitious businesswoman Fanny (Marieta Severo) is fascinated by the possibilities she sees in Arlette as a model and invites her to be part of her agency. In this new universe, Arlette is completely transformed, not only in her appearance, but also in the name that she begins to use: Angel. However, behind all the glamor of the catwalks, there is a prostitution plot led by the immoral Fanny that will transform the life of the young model forever: the pink book.

8. big Bang

While physicists Leonard and Sheldon round out their geek gang with Howard and Raj, aspiring actress Penny occupies the flat across the street.

9. passenger friends

Marcus and Emily make friends at a resort in Mexico with Ron and Kyla, a couple of crazy party people. There they decide to enjoy the moment by letting themselves go for a week full of disinhibition and debauchery with their new “passenger friends”. Months after the affair, Marcus and Emily are horrified to see Ron and Kyla show up uninvited at their wedding.

10. Adventure Time

Finn, a twelve-year-old boy, was found in the woods as a baby by a family dog ​​and his best friend and adoptive brother is Jake, a 28-year-old dog with magical powers. They are adventurers who live in “The Land of Ooo”, an environment full of surreal characters. Some typical adventures of the duo are saving princesses, fighting monsters, exploring dungeons, or helping those in need.

*Some titles may be repeated in the ranking because they are different episodes or seasons, and they may not have a description because the platform does not provide them.

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HBO and the streaming market

Since it emerged, the HBO platform has become one of the most important in the battle for streaming. (EFE/Justin Lane)

HBO is a subscription television network that emerged in the United States. also known as Home Box Office, which is owned by WarnerMedia, through which movies and series can be found.

Between the most prominent titles of own production are The Sopranos, TheWire, Six Feet Under, Band of Brothers, ThePacific, sex and the city, TrueBlood, Curb your enthusiasm Y game of Thrones.

It also has partial rights to films that have been produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment, as well as some by The Walt Disney Company and Universal Studios.

In Latin America you can also enjoy other channels such as HBO 2, HBO+, HBO Family, HBO Xtreme and Cinemax, among others.

HBO It was the first cable and satellite channel Created as a television network for non-terrestrial transmission, it was in 1965 when cable pioneer Charles Francis Dolan won the franchise to build a cable system in Lower Manhattan.

Instead of hanging the cable on telephone poles, it was decided to put the cable under the streets of manhattansince the signal may be blocked by large buildings and skyscrapers in the city.

In December 2010, the channel had 28.6 million subscribers in the United States, becoming the most important cable television network in that country. Then it began its expansion to other countries, including: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, among others, for a total of 150 nations.


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The HBO Peru series that steal attention today