The Flash Season 8 Impulse Return teased by actor Bart Allen

The eighth season of The Flash could receive another visit from Impulse as the Bart Allen actor teases his return in a new video. Throughout The Flash, the Arrowverse drama hasn’t shied away from using the massive DC mythology that’s part of Barry Allen’s legacy. While the show is told primarily through the eyes of Grant Gustin’s main character, the CW series has also relied on the Flash family in general. However, due to the numerous changes to the timeline, particularly after Crisis on Infinite Earths, the speedster lineup has had its fair share of changes.

Towards the end of The Flash’s seventh season, Nora West-Allen, aka XS, returned to the series after being canceled in season five. However, thanks to the soft reboot of the Arrowverse continuity, Iris and Barry’s daughter lives again, but with a huge twist as she now has a younger brother, Bart, aka Impulse. Because the West-Allen brothers got a very positive reception, The Flash season 8 brought them back earlier this year for a special episode focusing on time travel.

While the door is always left open for futuristic heroes to visit the present (aka their past), it looks like one of them will return later this season. Jordan Fisher, who plays Impulse’s iteration in the Arrowverse, recently shared on Twitter a new video featuring The Flash star Candice Patton, which appears to come from one of their trailers in Vancouver, Canada. While the TV mother and son were joking, she indicates that Bart is on his way, as seen below:

hello mom @candicepatton

– papa fish (@jordanfisher) April 4, 2022

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Based on the timing of Fisher’s post, it would appear that Bart is back for one of the final episodes of season 8 of The Flash. Whether it’s for The Flash season 8 finale, one episode before or for multiple episodes remains to be seen. Even though Jessica Parker Kennedy, who plays XS, hasn’t been officially announced for a return, it wouldn’t be a shock at this point if both West-Allen brothers were again in attendance for the final installments of the season. Similar to last year, it could be an all-out situation for whatever threats The Flash and his team are facing.

Given the positive response to their characters, it makes sense for The Flash to keep reporting XS and Impulse whenever possible. At this point, the show benefits from bringing as many familiar faces back to life as they can. Even though The Flash was one of two Arrowverse series to be renewed for another season, the end is definitely near. Currently, The Flash season 9 has not been confirmed as the show’s last by The CW. As The Flash is nearing the finish line, characters like XS and Impulse could potentially join their spin-off, which could keep the speedster legacy alive in the Arrowverse. While time will tell what happens, fans are now looking forward to seeing Impulse again at some point in The Flash season 8.

Source: Jordan Fisher

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