The Community of Madrid invites you to discover, before the change of season in the rooms, the exhibitions on Sybilla, Pablo Pérez

In turn, the Canal de Isabel II Room offers, also until next January 15, sybilla. the invisible thread, the most important exhibition dedicated to the renowned Spanish designer, which covers the different creative states through which she has passed in her 40-year career. And the Museo Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo of the Community of Madrid-CA2M will house, until January 29, the first major anthology in Europe of the work of the Chinese-American artist Martin Wong.

For its part, the Sala El Águila proposes to know through the exhibition Pablo Perez-Minguez. Modernity and movement of a transgressive photographer, which will remain until this coming Sunday, the legacy of this artist. It is a sample made up of more than 300 images and personal documents from the Pablo Pérez-Mínguez Fund, kept in the Regional Archive. Among the proposals of Cervantes Birthplace Museum stands out good ink secretswhich covers the secrets of ink production through manuscripts and printed books that, since the 15th century, have traveled throughout Europe to transmit fundamental works of universal thought and culture.

In addition, the Castellana Room 214, of the Canal Foundation, has recently inaugurated the exhibition, we are waterwhich addresses, through images, audiovisual installations and the longest led tunnel in Europe, the role of rivers as configurators of cultural and natural landscapes, the richness of the different ecosystems, the relationship between water and energy.

The regional Executive also collaborates with different cultural institutions, with which it has promoted exhibitions such as Picasso and Chanelorganized by the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum of Madrid (until January 15), about the relationship and influence they had on each other and how their creations sought innovation through fashion and cubism; zobel. the future of the past, from the Museo Nacional del Prado (until March 5); either How much do I know about myself? José Hierro in his centenary (1922-2022)at the National Library (until January 22).

new theatrical season

The 2023 theater program in the Community of Madrid kicks off with the premiere of the new production by Argentine director Carolina Román, which presents Amaeru (until January 22 in the Black Room), a dramatic comedy based on magical and futuristic realism with overtones of manners. An authentic duel in which the actors put themselves in the shoes of different characters to tell us a moving story with an unexpected ending.

Also in the Teatros del Canal continues Performance Channela cycle whose objective is to show the work of artists on the national scene linked to the performancein unconventional spaces of the theater itself and that this weekend will feature the premiere of Bubble gumby Enrique Gimeno (until January 14 in the Sala de Cristal).

The Sierra Norte Humanities Regional Center, de la Cabrera, will have the general rehearsal of the new show by Carlos Saura, lorca (Friday, January 13, with free admission until full capacity is reached). Taking the figure of Federico García Lorca as a base, Saura creates a theatrical show in which he encompasses all the artistic disciplines that he has cultivated throughout his extensive career: music, photography, painting, dance and cinema. The singer India Martínez makes her debut as an actress in this show in which she will interpret and sing, accompanied by other actors and musicians. Saura has wanted, exceptionally, to be a woman who interprets the role of the poet, since her message is universal and timeless.

This year the Teatro de la Abadía wants to continue with the mission of being the house of poets, through the cycle Poets at the Abbey. The first meeting of this new year will come from the hand of Ángela Segovia (Saturday 14), a Spanish poet and researcher. In turn, the José Luis Alonso Hall of the Teatro de la Abadía will have on its tables, electraunder the direction of Fernanda Orazi (until January 22).

The Corral de Comedias of Alcalá de Henares will bring the public closer toAy Carmela!, a classic by Sanchis Sinisterra, under the direction on this occasion of Yolanda Porras (January 13 and 14), death and life are confused thanks to timely breaks in time that take us from the past to the present and vice versa.

Coinciding with the celebration of its tenth anniversary, the Camerata Antonio Soler invites us to enjoy the world premiere (Friday, January 13) of the motet Super flumina Babylonis, in the Royal Coliseum Carlos III of San Lorenzo de El Escorial. The motet will be preceded by an almost contemporary and hitherto unpublished work, recently located in the Geneva Library, as its whereabouts were unknown: Symphony No. 11 in F major, L. 300, by Gaetano Brunetti (1744-1798).

Thus, in this concert, two composers who surely met and, most likely, joined musically in one of the days or stays of the Court in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, as Brunetti was among the monarch’s entourage and, Likewise, it is known that Soler himself attended the royal sites of Aranjuez and El Pardo on more than one occasion, being able to participate in the academies or private concerts organized by Prince Carlos, later Carlos IV.

On Saturday the 14th, the Teatro Xtremo company will offer the play, How to commit suicide without being noticed, under the direction of Ricardo Campelo, based on a text by Manuel Benito. Teatro Xtremo is a collective based in Madrid, whose stage creations arise from feelings produced by the paradoxes of contemporary life such as alienation, faith, addiction, pain, consumerism, love, loneliness, or in one of the great taboos of contemporary society, suicide.

The Pilar Miró Cultural Center hosts the children’s show, Chinchulina and the Chinese nightingale, from the Canica Teatro (Saturday 14). The work arrives at the Paco Rabal Cultural Center, The Sister: Life of Judith Shakespeare According to Virginia Woolf, directed by Áurea Martínez Fresno (Saturday 14). Through this little fiction, Woolf reveals the erasure with which patriarchy has historically made women invisible, silencing their voice, preventing them from accessing the world of the arts and, more specifically, that of literature, focusing on a wound that, to this day, remains open.


Bubble gum

Enrique Gimeno – La Juan Gallery

Until January 14 – 7:00 p.m. – Cristal Room – Teatros del Canal. MADRID

Ay Carmela!

José Sanchis Sinisterra – Caramba Theater

Until January 14 – 7:30 p.m. – Corral de Comedias. ALCALA DE HENARES


Poets at the Abbey

Angela Segovia

7:00 p.m. – Juan de la Cruz Room – Abbey Theater. MADRID

How to commit suicide without being noticed

Manuel Benito – Ricardo Campelo – Xtremo Theater

7:00 p.m. – Royal Coliseum Carlos III. SAN LORENZO OF EL ESCORIAL

Chinchulina and the Chinese nightingale

La Canica Theater Company

6:00 p.m. – Pilar Miró Cultural Center. MADRID

The Sister: Life of Judith Shakespeare According to Virginia Woolf

Full Parking & Doll’s Eye

8:00 p.m. – Paco Rabal Cultural Center. MADRID


Carlos Saura – Okapi Productions

7:00 p.m. – Sierra Norte Humanities Center. THE CABRERA



Carolina Roman

Until January 22 – 7:00 p.m. – Sala Negra – Teatros del Canal. MADRID


Fernanda Orazí

Until January 22 – 7:30 p.m. – José Luis Alonso Room – Teatro de la Abadía. MADRID


Japan in Los Angeles. The Amalia Avia files

Until January 15 – Sala Alcalá 31. MADRID

sybilla. the invisible thread

Until January 15 – Sala Canal de Isabel II of the Community of Madrid. MADRID

Martin Wong: Malicious Antics

Until January 29, 2023 – Dos de Mayo Art Center Museum of the Community of Madrid-CA2M. MOSTOLES

Pablo Perez-Minguez. Modernity and movement of a transgressive photographer

Until January 15, 2023 – Sala El Águila. MADRID

good ink secrets

Until January 26, 2023 – Cervantes Birthplace Museum. ALCALA DE HENARES

we are water

Until June 30, 2023 – Castellana Room 214 – Canal Foundation. MADRID

How much do I know about myself? José Hierro in his centenary (1922-2022)

Until January 22, 2023 – National Library of Spain. MADRID

zobel. the future of the past

Until March 5, 2023 – Prado National Museum. MADRID

Picasso and Chanel

Until January 15, 2023 – Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum. MAD

The Community of Madrid invites you to discover, before the change of season in the rooms, the exhibitions on Sybilla, Pablo Pérez-Mínguez and Amalia Avia