“Steel Butterflies” … and their infinite flight

The musical featured performances by Adalgisa Pantaleón, Nashla Bogaert, Hony Estrella, Coral González, Diana Ramos, Frank Ceara and Judith Rodríguez, among others.

Steel Butterflies” is a historical musical, in its two meanings, for its argument about a real event and for its masterful staging in the National theater last weekend.

Waddys Jaquez, playwright and general director, has produced a text attached to historical truth, it could not be otherwise, the story of the Mirabal Sisters and other Butterflies, for their courage in facing the ferocious tyranny of Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, is a legacy, and its imprint is an infinite flight that transcends time.

The conjunction of artistic expressions, in addition to technology, turn this musical into a great show, which moves, and keeps the viewer in a subtle suspense, laughter is not always the key to entertainment. But the scenic truth is only possible through the unique and irreplaceable element, the actor, the actress, who achieve an excellent performance.

The music surrounds us, a soldier placed in the stalls gives the order, while Dantesque images are projected; We relive then, -we meridian past- those moments in which the university student Sagrario Ercira Díaz was shot down in 1972, we thought then, the scene is futuristic, perhaps it is a symbol, remains of tyranny…

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Waddys Jáquez, director of the musical, together with part of the artistic and technical cast.

Back in the past, the house of the Mirabal Sisters in Ojo de Aguathe bucolic scene with the girls is beautiful, the musical drama begins, which chronologically tells us the story of these butterflies.

Each scene is a spectacle in itself, the music, the song, the dance, is conducive to each moment, then we meet the Mirabals. Minerva is the example of a determined, brave woman, capable of confronting the tyrant, first in her harassment, then as a student, and as part of a revolutionary movement.

An actress of excellent conditions takes over the character, it is Nashla Bogaert, managing to project the steel temperament of this Butterfly.

Other very good performances are those of Hony Estrella and Coral González as Patria and María Teresa respectively.

The tyrant has an excellent exponent, Frank Ceara, who manages to express the nuances of the character. The henchmen of the trujillado, Johnny Abbes, Ciriaco de la Rosa and the SIM agents, are recreating the atmosphere of terror, their interpreters Gnomic, Erick Guzmán, Benny Carlos Pérez and José Motathey achieve their goal in the work.

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A transversal element that maintains the cohesion and fluidity of the text, a kind of common thread, is Dedé Mirabal, the surviving sister.

Possessed of the character, the performance of Adalgisa Pantaleon We thought it was great, without a doubt, in our opinion, the best performance of his career.

Different musical genres are interpreted by the band directed by Pablo García, placed in the background, part of the functional and versatile scene.

The dancers recreate an attractive dance movement, and the actors, by way of choral poetry, pronounce true proclamations.

The illustrative projections change, the reference to the expeditionaries of June 14 is moving, while the verses of their anthem are heard: “They arrived full of patriotism, In love with a pure ideal And with their noble blood they lit, The august flame of freedom” .

Another highlight of this memorable musical is the inclusion of the flight of other Butterflies. Judith Rodríguez, identified with the character -still alive- embodies the vivid image of Sina Cabral, a brave woman, an example of honor, a kind of critical memory, whose flight is still waiting, while her traces as a name engraved on the bark deepens every day.

In a fleeting flutter we see the images of other Butterflies that left their wake, Dr. Asela Morel, Miriam Morales, Fe Ortega and Dulce Tejada.

The scene of the murders in the famous Electric Chair of La 40 is shocking and while, paradoxically, “Era Gloriosa” is heard, the famous musical piece in praise of the Chief, which said: “Era Gloriosa”, my country lives, in all way the people feel happy”.

Love, shared ideals unite Minerva with Manolo Tavares, Patria with Leandro Guzmán, the actors Nico-Clínic and Alejandro Moss bring these historical figures to life. After their release, the Mirabal Sisters decide to go to prison to visit their imprisoned husbands, in the company of their driver Rufino de la Cruz –José Mota-.

The final scene is moving, the fate of the Butterflies was written by the will of a murderous tyrant, the vehicle they were traveling in was thrown into a ravine. The Steel Butterflies began their flight. As a culmination, everyone on stage, with a vibrant voice, proclaims, so that it is not forgotten. Never more….

The excited audience, stood up, applauded again and again. “Mariposas de Acero” marks a milestone in the history of musicals in our country.

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“Steel Butterflies” … and their infinite flight