Ray Bradbury, these are the adaptations to his work “Fahrenheit 451”

This 2022 marks the 102nd anniversary of the birth of Ray Bradbury, one of the most prominent science fiction writers of recent times. Although his works include several essays, poems and even short stories, his most iconic work is undoubtedly “Fahrenheit 451”, a story that not only marked the years following its release (1953), but also inspired many other works both written and cinematographic decades after being printed.

The plot focuses on a futuristic city, in which books are prohibited. The protagonist is part of a special fire department, in charge of persecuting and burning all traces of them; however, he finds himself in a real dilemma when he meets a revolutionary who tells him about the true value of texts.

“Farenheit 451” bears this name because, according to the author himself, it is the temperature at which the paper is extinguished and its plot is so attractive that it has been the basis of other productions, these are just some of them:

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“Fahrenheit 451”, the first film (1966)
The first adaptation of the work came in the mid-1960s, at the hands of director Francois Truffaut, one of the leading representatives of the new wave of French cinema, which sought to break with the structures present in mass cinema, based on freedom of expression.

Truffaut gave the leading roles to actors Oscar Werner (Austria) and Julie Christie (India), the latter also an icon of fashion and winner of the Oscar and Golden Globe for best actress. The plot adheres completely to the original story and although the filmmaker was not so happy with his work in the end, Bradbury ended up praising it.

Photo: Archive

Inspired a play
At the end of the 1970s, a theater adaptation of Bradbury’s work was created. As additional information, the libretto was created by the same author of the book and included some ideas from Truffaut’s film. “Farenheit 451” was released in 1979 in a theater in Los Angeles.

He has his own comic and a video game
In modern times this classic of literature has also been reverted. A graphic novel was made in 2009 that included illustrations by Illustrated Tim Hamilton and an introduction by the original author; In addition, it inspired a video game.

Last dating and the least successful
In 2018, the HBO network decided to create its own production. Directed by filmmaker Ramin Bahrani, this version stars Michael B Jordan.

The story is the same as in the book and the first adaptation, with the peculiarity that in this case the fireman discovers an underground organization that will try to save the books from their extermination, although he had the technology of our days, the criticism did not he praised it and it passed without pain or glory for viewers.

HBO did the latest adaptation. Photo: Archive

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Ray Bradbury, these are the adaptations to his work “Fahrenheit 451”