The project called “Pyrénéo” was unveiled in the summer of 2022 by the promoter Prestige Immo. Located in Le Boulou, in the Distriport area, this large-scale commercial space, planned over nearly 5 hectares, should emerge from the ground by 2024. Work was to start in January. But to date, no pickaxe has been given.

The arrival of the bulldozers at the Distriport is eagerly awaited. Scheduled for the start of 2023, it has been postponed for the time being. It must be said that this site, among the most important on the program in the department, should signal the transition from an economic zone that has become obsolete to a more modern era. Certainly, the change has already been initiated in recent years with the opening of a large parapharmacy, a bakery brand, an optician. Not to mention a few offices, a notarial study or even Greta and its 150 students welcomed each year, and who today do most of the activity of an economic zone whose land is currently owned by the municipality. du Boulou, Saint-Jean-Pla-de-Corts, the departmental council and the P.-O.

But this smooth development is nothing compared to the project that promoter Marc Gomez has in store for an area dominated by the Syndicat mixte tower. Note the change of scenery. The foretaste of the future achievements which should transform the distriport was unveiled in 2022 by Marc Gomez, president of Prestige Immo in Toulouges and who intends to move the distriport towards the tertiary economy and towards leisure. A promoter who wants above all to make this site ideally placed a new commercial crossroads, near the motorway and the Spanish border. On paper, the sketches of “Pyrénéo”, the code name of this futuristic project, have something to dream about. “Two restaurant chains have already signed up, one will offer ‘steakhouse’, the second pancakes”.

450 jobs expected

Added to this are entertainment activities “like a laser game, padel, squash, bowling”. And even a cinema project consisting of three rooms led by Jacques Font, owner of the Mega Castillet, among others. As a result, 450 jobs are expected. “60% of pitches were sold in less than three months”assured Marc Gomez in 2022, detailing this project of several million euros to The Independent.

On paper, the enthusiasm for this project was immediately unanimous. Now only the first shovels are missing. But for now, “nothing has been signed yet”, confirm the sellers. Laurent Gauze, the president of the CCI, François Comes, mayor of Le Boulou and Robert Garrabé, departmental councilor are still awaiting the finalization of the deeds of transfer previously planned for the end of 2022.

In the face of uncertainty, the players in the area prefer to see an almost natural delay in this kind of project. “Yes, the work was to start in January. For the moment, we will say that the project is progressing. We are awaiting the signature of the final act. The work is on stand-by but perhaps it will start in February”, hopes the mayor of Boulou. Same hypothesis put forward by Robert Garrabé or by Jacques Font. Contacted, promoter Marc Gomez did not respond to our request. To be continued.

Pyrénées-Orientales: Cinemas, restaurants, offices… will one of the biggest tertiary projects come out of the ground in 2023?