Morciano “scenic and futuristic” with the fourth edition of FU.MO

Fourth edition of FU.MO, the event that pays homage to the twentieth century movement of Futurism founded in 1909 by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. The artistic project, entrusted to the Città Teatro theater cooperative from Riccione, aims to “present a contemporary synthesis of the movement”. In the futurist ideal – the organizers write – there are in fact present, in embryo, many of what have become decisive trends in our society. No other historical avant-garde has been able to establish itself, in the same way, as an integral dimension of life, involving art, music, theater, cinema, cuisine, to the point of giving clear indications on behavior and clothing. The event, which will involve the entire city center with the Futurist Scenic Showcases of artisans and traders and unique events and original creations, will pay special attention to Umberto Boccionipainter and sculptor of Morcianese origin.

The program, really wide and varied, will obviously give space to young people. It starts from “Piazza Rumore”. On the main stage on Friday 26 July the “Giardini di Mirò”, a reggian band symbol of the Italian indie-rock, while on Sunday 28 July the “Der Maurer” by Enrico Gabrielli, multi-instrumentalist and composer of Mariposa and Calibro 35, with a boundless discography ( with Afterhours, Capossela and Muse among many) together with Marco Parente, Tuscan singer-songwriter of Neapolitan origins. On Saturday 27 July it will be the turn of Alessandro Bergonzoni, invited to “dissert” in a “free word” meeting on topical issues and on the relationship between youth cultures and Futurism. Among the youth cultural realities of Morciano di Romagna, there are the Nü Èl, recently formed musical project that will propose a set halfway between mix and live, inspired by the experimental electronic scene.

There will also be there “Futurist cuisine”, “Subject dear to the movement”. Every evening, with a strictly limited number, one has dinner with the chefs Tiziano Rossetti and Luca Angelini. In the “Via del Cibo Veloce”, instead, a happening dedicated to futurist cuisine and its reinterpretations with simple and curious recipes inspired by street food. Original and daring dishes to eat with your hands, by Morcianese and neighboring gastronomic realities. With the possibility of experimenting directly with Futurist cuisine with workshops for children and adults. For the children, to deal with Alessia Canducci with the Futurism told to the little ones a selection of international short films, made within the most prestigious animation schools. For the “Synthetic Futurist Theater” some unpublished works by Umberto Boccioni by the actors of Città Teatro with the free word advice of Loris Pellegrini, illuminating actions by Nevio Cavina and themed installations created by the catalyst scenographer Keiko Shiraishi.

Smoke. FUturimo MOrcianese, is an event organized by the Municipality of Morciano di Romagna with the collaboration of the Province of Rimini and the Emilia Romagna Region. The Città Teatro project foresees the artistic coordination of Mirco Gennari, the organizational one of Alex Gabellini and Francesco Tonti.


Morciano “scenic and futuristic” with the fourth edition of FU.MO