Logan Star Reveals Key Advice Hugh Jackman Gave Her

Logan star Dafne Keen shares the advice Hugh Jackman gave her on the set of the X-Men movie. Jackman made his debut as Wolverine in the 2000 film X-Men and went on to reprise the role nine times over nearly two decades, effectively ending his character’s run with 2017’s Logan (although he will return and make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Deadpool). 3). Logan served as the starting point for the Jackman’s Wolverine franchise, with a quieter, darker story centered around Logan’s mission to protect the young mutant X-23, also known as Laura (Keen), and bring her to safety. The film was Keen’s debut as Logan’s clone/biological daughter and set up a larger future for the character of her as Logan’s successor following the titular character’s death.

After making her feature film debut in Logan, Keen went on to star as Lyra in HBO Max’s critically acclaimed fantasy series His Dark Materials and will appear in the upcoming Star Wars series The Acolyte. In a conversation with Marie Claire, Keen opened up about the plethora of advice she received while filming Logan, both from Jackman and director James Mangold. The young actor said Mangold’s advice was more about craftsmanship, telling her to “always go the extra mile” in her performances, which has become “an important piece of advice [hers].” One of Jackman’s key recommendations for Keen was to treat the crew “the same” while he was on set. See Keen’s account below:

“Hugh Jackman was amazing as number one on set teaching me how to treat the crew. He was the brightest person with the crew, he taught me how the gap between cast and crew is wrong and that everyone should be treated equally. He was close to every crew member, knew everyone’s names, and got lottery tickets every week. I learned the basics from him and I feel very lucky to have taught him.”

Will Keene Return as X-23 in Deadpool 3?

Given the natural on-screen chemistry and strong off-screen bond between Keen and Jackman, viewers have expressed a desire to see more of their relationship. However, since Logan ended with Wolverine’s death, the possibility of Laura and Logan ever reuniting has always seemed unlikely. The news of Jackman’s return as Wolverine for Deadpool 3 has reignited the potential for Laura and Logan to meet again, this time officially within the MCU timeline.

While many Wolverine and X-Men fans have expressed excitement for Jackman finally interacting on screen with Reynolds’ Deadpool, some are concerned that Jackman’s return as a hero detracts from the heartwarming farewell to character performed by Logan, who is widely considered one of the Best Comic Book Adaptations and earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. Of course, given Logan’s futuristic setting, Deadpool 3 doesn’t have to undo Logan’s death in the 2017 film and can just happen before those events. If so, Laura is unlikely to appear in the film since she was born in 2018 and she didn’t meet Wolverine until the events of Logan.

If Deadpool 3 features a variant of Logan’s Wolverine from a different universe, it’s possible that a variant of Laura could appear and be introduced to him once again. Alternatively, Laura could appear in a post-credits scene or as a cameo within the film. However, she’s more likely to be written out of Deadpool 3 and instead hopefully return in a future MCU project once more mutants start making their way into the franchise and the X-Men setup begins. In terms of the actor’s interest, Keen has expressed his willingness to reprise his role in X-23 and join the MCU, which makes sense given the enriching experience he describes while working on Logan.

Source: Maria Chiara

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