Leapmotor C11: an unknown Chinese attacking the Tesla Model Y

MG has paved the way, and Chinese manufacturers are now arriving en masse, in turn. Whether MG, just like BYD and Great Wallare true industrial giants, this is not the case for other players such as aiways where the latest arrival, Leapmotor. Founded in 2015 in Hangzhou, this latest brand looks like a start-up. One of its first activities was to develop an electronic chip for artificial intelligence, the Lingxin 01. Then the brand unveiled its automotive ambitions, first with the S01, a small coupé with awkward proportions. The C11 SUV truly acts as a flagship: it is the only model that was first announced as a concept car, the C-More, unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2019. Marketed in China in 2021, it is now preparing to land in Europe.

Like most Chinese productions that land on the Old Continent, the C11 is a 100% electric SUV with futuristic lines. The smooth volumes, the recessed door handles, the floating roof and the sculpted bonnet are constants on the products of these start-ups from the Middle Kingdom. If this Leapmotor C11 has the advantage of being a scoop, very clever will be the one capable of distinguishing it from an XPeng G9, a Li Auto L8 or a Nio ES6, if these models ever land on our market one day. The appearance is flattering, even if the very long wheelbase of 2.93 m slightly unbalances the profile of this 4.75 m long model, i.e. the size of a Tesla Model Y or a Mercedes-Benz EQC. It is also 6 cm longer than a Toyota bZ4X.

Leapmotor C11: an unknown Chinese attacking the Tesla Model Y – Teller Report