JuL, BEN plg, Varnish La Piscine: projects for the week of 03/24/2023 – #12

After a big first half of March, the end of the month promises to be slightly calmer. A good thing for those who wish to take the time to listen more carefully to new releases. On our side, we point this Friday BEN plg, JuL, Varnish the Pool, ¥END, 23wa, YUNG POOR ALO or Resell. A great variety!

The crush of the week: BEN plg – J’dream better than before

After his trilogy Rap Reality Musicwho helped make him known to the general public following his appearance on the show New school, BEN plg had to continue. With its now well-established universe, which we discovered in 2020, BEN allows itself new collaborations.

A little earlier in the year, he unveiled his first feat with Lujipekaa tribute to “Victor Osimhen”, a Nigerian footballer who passed through the LOSC and which is a hit in Serie A this season. BEN adds Lille sto as well as Limsa d’Aulnay in the cast of I dream better than beforethis new six-track EP.

Always adept at handling punchlines as hard as they are funny, BEN plg continues to do honor to its region and gradually climbs the ladder. And it’s certainly not over…

To discover this new EP from BEN plg, go to here !

July – Free Album, Vol. 7

We don’t really know where JuL will stop. In 10 years of career, the Marseillais turned everything around. He has accustomed his public to delivering two projects a year, one in June and the other in December. However, the UFO is not satisfied only with that and has carried out in recent years dantesque projects such as 13 Organized And The Organized Classico. Regularly, he also publishes what he calls his Free Albummixtapes available only for streaming.

This seventh installment was officially released this Monday, March 20, 2023, but is in fact composed of titles distilled throughout the first half of the month. Every day at 5 p.m., JuL posted a new track on his YouTube channel. He started the series with the excellent “Keyzer Söze”, on which he raps for more than 6 minutes.

To stream Free Album, Vol. 7 from JuL, go here !


Short land stopover Helvetian where we find the producer and rapper Varnish la Piscine for his new EP: THIS LAKE IS SUCCESSFUL. Member of the SuperWak (Makala, Slimka, Di-Meh), Varnish is a concentrate of creativity, a real jack-of-all-trades who breathes a breath of fresh air into the French-speaking rapological landscape. We feel a great attraction for the movie theater in the work of the Genevan, both in his visual universe (the EP accompanies the release of a series “This lake has success”) and in his music.

THIS LAKE IS SUCCESSFUL is a seven-track where trap, bossa nova, jazz and funk are one to immerse us in a semblance of a 70s film soundtrack. On the guest side, we find the inevitable Makala and Rico TK as well as the more surprising presence of the American rapper Subnosed Frankenstein in a successful transatlantic collaboration.

Varnish’s new EP is available on all streaming platforms here.


¥END is an artist who spent her childhood traveling and moving between Guadeloupe and metropolitan France. This cultural baggage is felt in the lyrics, with this constant mix between Creole and French and several Anglicisms.

This 5-track project is a short but powerful choice of proposals, because each sound is eclectic but interesting in each genre. Although his name is not everywhere, one feels an important musical experience. Perhaps we are at the beginning of a great work?

¥end’s project can be found on all platforms of streaming.


A singular proposal, but above all mastered. At a time when everyone does not swear AD, 23wa can be read as more sincere because present at each stage of the design.

This demonstration is done in 15 new titles, including 7 featurings: Saiba, AnNie .Adaa, Nonst0pp, Jo Rwaka, Jahïem Solo, Neop0p And Esspe. Everyone comes to bring their grain of salt while being part of this retro-futuristic DA, very inspired by the digital universe, especially in the sound textures of the productions.

A committed community is behind him. to be a rap fan in 2023 is to be hopeful which some would have classified as “niche rap” 2 or 3 years ago.

23wa’s new project is available here.


After a trilogy of EPs started in 2022, YUNG POOR ALO returns today with the last installment. True to its format, the project has 5 titles. The particularity of this third opus is the presence of a featuring: So The Moon on “The name of the film”.

“Often at stud’, it’s for speed
I want to see the goal from my visor”

The connection between these two artists seems obvious and can give a lot of hope to YUNG POOR ALO. At ease on several genres and several BPMs, his pen and his flow know how to adapt.

YOUNG POOR 3 is available everywhere.

zaky- SPT

A little less than a year after the release of the EPs Feelings And Sunset vol.1 in collaboration with Mini RTTClan, zaky is back with a new project titled SPT

Meaning Post-traumatic stressthe project presents 5 titles where the rappereffusion and releases all its evils with the help of a striking sincerity. With his voice singular stamp and his keen sense of melodyzaky delivers on prods muffled with dark melodies (TaeminTekken, Giovanni21k, PushK, Rosalie from 38). Unique guest of the project, H YoungCrack comes to lend his pen on “4 seasons” for an excellent featuring.

SPT is available now on all streaming platforms.

Max D. Carter- Uniquely Yours

Six years after the song “Merry” with which he launched himself on the internet, Max D. Carter unveils his first album. In the meantime, various projects had appeared, starting with Ex-librisreleased on January 1, 2019.

For this first album, Maxence surrounds himself with care. Har2Nok (Young Thug, Jok’Air, Luidji), mammoth (OBOY, Josman, Tawsen), kofi bae (La Fève, nelick, jäde) or even ANDO (Django, Ashh, Sonbest) are among the beatmakers who worked on the melodies. On the featuring side, there is plenty to do too! Cl()wn, LK from Hotel Moscow, Mica Franco, Moses The Dude, Nemavo And Urde are scattered among the 21 tracks of the project.

With his soaring and melancholy universe, it is clear that Max D. Carter has enough to conquer many more fans!

Uniquely Yours is available in physical version here !

Discovery of the week: Resell – ZERO51

On the menu this week, a new rapper by the name of Resell unveiled his first EP titled ZERO51. The artist’s business card, the project is immersed in a dark and nocturnal aesthetic where the beats cold And modern accompany the voice of the rapper with such a particular timbre. Indeed, like Khali or Playboi Carti, Resell demonstrates a singular voice identity with the use of baby voice as well as many vocal effects.

A newcomer, Resell is extremely mysterious and we don’t know anything about him, especially since the rapper remains extremely modest in his texts. A feather impersonal and responsible forego trip which suggests a rapper ambitious seeking to succeed in a gangrenous and unsanitary environment. The excellent work of the beatmakers (Ashido, LilChick, Appa, YUNG KIDD) as well as the presence of Deemax BRD for the unique featuring of the project are to be underlined.

ZERO51 is available on all streaming platforms.

The other French rap projects of the week

88KvlySirius B
Kamas SkuhPayroll
ockney & KrimophonikLAZARUS
34murphyfirst hunt
6osyKiss, Marry & Kill Vol. 1
carbonUnder the downpour
falckoBlack Code, Volume 3

French rap singles of the week

Kerchak – “JFLM JMR”
Zamdan – “Angels (Hungry #17)”
Ziak – “Pistol & Zamal”
DA Uzi – “It’s the street”
Fresh – “+32”
Fresh – “FAM”
hatik – “shoot”
HD The Next Generation – “It’s the binks”
JNR Slice – “Deserved”
Lazer MMZ – ” Feather “
German – “La Masia”
Key Largo – “Screen #NoFake2”
The Risk ft. Fresh LaDouille – “I didn’t prune”
Kobo – ” Ground “
Lestin – “Everything can be erased”
lord Hope – ” Lonely “
the uZine – ” Gold “
Alien – “More sun under the clouds”
Shaz & Alex Grox ft. Beeby – “Jutsu || 808CLUB »
Waltmann – “BOMB”
Charles BDL – “Hello Charlie”
313 – “Bruises, pt. II »
Dabs ft. Moona – ” I’m thinking of you “
GREJ – “SINIK IN 2006”
moji x Sboy – “THE MOON TO DROP”
Nyda – “Bricks”
Selby – “BLACK”
Sokra – “Davies”
RAS – “Diamonds”
Croma619 – “Serious striker”
Damlif – “Carmageddon”
childofthepoor – ” My love “
Sheng – “QLT”

In the rest of the news: The sun will rise in the West for 1PLIKÉ140, Kerchak, Zamdane and the others

JuL, BEN plg, Varnish La Piscine: projects for the week of 03/24/2023 – #12