Hello Tomorrow: the first opinions on the SF series from Apple TV + have fallen

The first opinions on Hello Tomorrow!the new sci-fi series from Apple TV+, have arrived.

The world of series has continued to grow during the 2000s. Television, which used to produce at lower cost, has considerably increased its ambitions and delivered demanding works that are much more epic than by the pass. This phenomenal growth of the medium has notably allowed television production to venture into genres that were once unimaginable, such as the long been science fiction for example (with a few exceptions, such as the brilliant Battlestar Galactica).

As the war of streaming platforms rages on, Apple TV+ has slowly started to make a place for itself under the sun. The company hasn’t been much talked about amidst the plethora of offers and yet its series have proven to be of excellent quality (from Servant To Severance Passing by Pachinko, For All Mankind or even Ted Lasso). A first trailer for Hello Tomorrow!a SF series, was revealed a few weeks ago and now they are the first reviews of the retro-futuristic Apple TV+ drama that have dropped. Newspaper.

When you read a positive review

“Hello Tomorrow! is overall impressive, especially thanks to its incredible artistic direction… But halfway through the season, the series can become redundant, giving us big revelations about things we already knew. » Boston Globe

“Hello Tomorrow! has yet to develop the depth, complexity, or nuances that could allow it to be compared to Mad Men, which gave us many unforgettable characters. But maybe Jack’s boundless optimism is contagious, because I ended the season thinking that only the sky, if not the surface of the Moon, was my limit. » Time

“Hello Tomorrow may look appealing in its odd mix of iconography, but it comes across as terribly conventional. Jack may talk over and over again about dreams, but Don Draper doesn’t want to. » IndieWire

Hello Tomorrow! : photo, Billy CrudupOn the way to success?

“It’s funny and warm, but it’s also a sharp portrait of a capitalist society that quietly charts its course while always wanting more… It’s a pleasure to see Crudup little by little revealing the despair behind wonder. » The Telegraph

“Hello Tomorrow! has things to say, and does it with incredible imagery. But the series does not quite manage to serve its purpose. The Moon is near, as always, but remains unreachable. » The Playlist

“Hello Tomorrow! has a lot to say about hope, disillusion, and the American dream, but fails to offer good enough characters to sell its ideas. » The Hollywood Reporter

Hello Tomorrow! : photo, Billy Crudup, Haneefah Wood, Nicholas PodanyAim for the stars

“It’s the right mix between a perfect cast, a unique retro-futuristic world, and a solid storytelling that captures the attention. It’s the modern reimagining of Death of a Salesman that we didn’t know we needed, the idea hadn’t even crossed our minds. And as weird as it may sound, it’s definitely worth a look. » Collider

“The art direction is a constant marvel, or at least a good distraction… Created by Amit Bhalla and Lucas Jansen, Hello Tomorrow! is an ingenious construction, a carefully crafted architecture and a mystery… All the members of the cast are perfect, charismatic when their characters get carried away. » Wall Street Journal

“The meager plot never lives up to its concept, and the art direction overshadows the mysteries. The series winds its way at a surprisingly slow pace. Maybe she should have taken her character’s advice and reminded herself to stay wonderful. » The Guardian

Hello Tomorrow! : photo, Alison PillMixed reviews

The series therefore seems to have only half convinced English-speaking critics. The majority of the media agree in any case to say that the artistic direction is fabulous, while pointing the finger at the lack of thickness of the plot and its characters, rarely up to the concept yet carrying. To check whether the American reviews were accurate or not, go to Apple TV+. The first three episodes aired on February 17, 2023, with the rest to follow at the rate of one episode per week.

Hello Tomorrow: the first opinions on the SF series from Apple TV + have fallen