Emotional design: the worlds of emotion

In the first decades since its invention, the video game was conceived and designed around the technical limits ofhardware on which it was performed. Starting from the end of the last century, with the IT development and the gradual evolution of the visual component, as well design of the videogame it has changed, shifting its focus more and more to the emotional experience to let the player live, so much so that today one of the most requested new job figures in the field of design is precisely him user experience – or Ux, as we use to abbreviate – designer. The kind that better than any other lends itself to the so-called emotional design is that of narrative titles, where the plot – which is the master – manages to excite thanks to the choices presented to users and the unpredictability of its branches.

As Dusk Falls”Is an engaging colorful adventure thriller available on pc – and exclusively console on Xbox – conceived as a TV drama, as it is divided into 6 chapters ending with the classic cliffhanger breathtaking and consequent desire to continue in the exciting story. The story begins in the late nineties with a robbery that ended badly in an Arizona town where the lives of the members of two families will intertwine over the next thirty years. The player will have to make the choices that will determine the fate of the protagonists, giving rise to different endings depending on the narrative path undertaken. Mention of merit for the Italian dubbing and for the original aesthetic look by graphic novel which uses real actors for the characters.

For those who love investigative mysteries in a Japanese-futuristic sauce, do not miss the eclectic “Yurukill: The Calumniation Games”, which manages to mix in a single product an intriguing and convoluted story with puzzles to be solved and action sequences. spaceships board. Born from the imagination of an established author of manga, the bizarre plot features 5 main characters – already convicted of serious crimes of which they profess to be innocent – forced to participate in a dangerous competition on an island transformed into a sort of huge amusement park with attractions that are nothing short of disturbing, where the unfortunate will have to be able to exonerate oneself by overcoming various tests. A sui generis videogame which, amidst antics and twists, keeps glued to its explosive conclusion.

Despite the modest technical sector, “Noel the Mortal Fate” is a videogame jewel that every fan of atmospheres dark in a supernatural key and the stories of revenge will not fail to appreciate enormously. It is an RPG starring a young pianist whose promising career is cut short during the annual city competition between musicians. Manipulated and deceived by the evil mayor and her secretary, the girl will be forced to lose her limbs by making a pact with a diabolical entity to be able to take revenge on her enemies. The interesting writing, which blends perfectly with the fighting and puzzles to tackle, has already made this title a success in Japan, where new episodes of the story have already been made.

from Piermarco Rosa

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