DCU: the list of all movies and series. Finally a competitor for the MCU?

The new DCU was made official this Tuesday, January 31, 2023. Here is the list of all confirmed films and series. There are some very promising things in the lot.

Can Warner Bros. still compete with the juggernaut that is the mcu ? The American firm tries everything for everything by creating its new DCU. At the helm of this gigantic and perilous project: James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Peter Safran. During a press conference, the duo unveiled their vision for the years to come. Here are all the projects that will constitute phase 1 of the new DCU.

All New DCU Projects

The new DCU is on the way. Three months after being named heads of the newly created DC Studios, the duo have finally lifted the veil on the first 10 films and TV series that will form this new expanded and rebooted universe. All are part of what they call the first part of DCU Chapter 1, darkly dubbed “Gods and Monsters.” »

The projects cover all the comics, with emblematic superheroes like Superman, Batman and Robin or even Green Lantern, but the new thinking heads of the DC Universes are also betting on names unknown to the general public like Booster Gold or Swamp Thing ( The Swamp Creature). ” The DCU exists as a multiverse, but all of these projects take place in a single universe said Peter Safran. ” It is unprecedented. This is the first time that everything DC-related — movies, TV, live-action, animation, video games — has been centralized into one creative vision, that of James and myself. “, he added. What exactly are they? Here is the full list:

  • Superman: Legacy (movie)
  • The Authority (movie)
  • Batman The Brave and the Bold (movie)
  • Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow (movie)
  • Swamp Thing (movie)
  • Creature Commandos (series)
  • Waller (series)
  • Lanterns (series)
  • Paradise Lost (series)
  • Booster Gold (series)

The new DCU is only in its infancy, no director is attached to the projects that follow. The duo, however, claims that they are close to signing a few without providing further details. With the exception of Viola Davis who will reprise her role as Amanda Waller, no actor has yet been found for these projects.

Batman & Robin, Superman, all DCU movies

The first phase of the new DCU will begin with the introduction of 5 new films. It will all start with Superman Legacy, which will then be followed by several other adaptations of iconic heroes such as those less known to the general public.

Superman Legacy

New Superman movie without Henry Cavill will be released on July 11, 2025 in theaters. Featuring a younger superhero, this new adaptation will not be a origin story from Man of Steel. It will feature a Clark Kent (this remains to be confirmed) seeking the balance between his Kryptonian heritage and his human education. ” It’s a film that should speak to everyone “assures James Gunn who will be in charge of writing the film which will launch the new DCU.

The Authority

The Authority DC

Less evocative than Superman, The Authority features a band of superheroes who have a less idealistic approach to how to save the world. James Gunn is particularly enthusiastic about this adaptation of the comics created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch, which will diversify the narration of the DCU. “It’s not just about heroes and villains, good guys or bad guys. Some fall in between, like the Authority, who are convinced that you can’t save the world the easy way and take matters into their own hands. The film is currently being written, but the screenwriter is still being kept secret.

Batman The Brave and the Bold

Batman Robin DCU

The Brave and the Bold will introduce the DCU’s new Batman but also his sidekick Robin. The film will introduce the Bat-Family starting with the Black Knight’s protege who will be none other than his son: the impetuous Damien Wayne. The adaptation of Grant Morrison’s comics will therefore focus on the father-son relationship of this new duo. James Gunn also promises that it will be very faithful to the original material, which should not fail to please fans.

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow

Based on Tom King’s comics published in 2021 and 2022, Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow features Clark Kent’s cousin: Kara Zor-El. It will be a ” really different kind of supergirl according to the thinking heads of the DCU. While Superman was sent to Earth and raised by loving parents, she remained ” on a piece of rock where she watched everyone around her die and be horribly killed for the first 14 years of her life. James Gunn promises that this Supergirl will be “much more hardcore” than the others.

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing DCU

Safran and Gunn want to diversify the DCU and Swamp Thing is proof of that. This film will focus on the dark origins of The Creature from the Swamp through the prism of horror. So it will be a scarier movie than the rest of the New Universe projects, but Swamp Thing will interact with the rest of the characters. Gunn is confident in this risk-taking, which he also compares to the Guardians of the Galaxy who have integrated perfectly with the Avengers.

All upcoming DC series

The new DCU will also go through several series. For the moment, only five have been confirmed with Wonder Woman and Green Lantern on the program. They will also highlight characters less known to the general public.

Creature Commandos

DCU Creature Commandos

The only anime series announced for HBO Max, Creature Commandos is the very first project to be given the green light by the DCU’s New Guardians. Each episode was written by James Gunn and the show is already in production. The comics first published in 1980 feature Frankenstein’s monster teaming up with a werewolf, a vampire and a gorgon to fight Nazis. James Gunn’s version may not follow the same approach, however, since Weasel from the Suicide Squad movie is one of the characters.


Amanda WallerDCU

As its name suggests, the series will follow the story of Amanda Waller who will always be played by Viola Davis. It will be a direct sequel to the Peacemaker series which will be put on hiatus for the time being. The project will be produced by Jeremy Carver to whom we owe Doom Patrol. Creature Commandos and Waller will arrive before Superman Legacy. “A DCU aperitif” according to Peter Safran.

Lanterns (Green Lanterns)

Green Lantern DCU

Undoubtedly one of the projects that most excites the thinking heads of the DCU. The series will focus on known members of the Green Lantern including Hal Jordan and John Stewart, DC’s very first black superhero. In “the vein of True Detective”, the duo will therefore investigate a mystery that will have a link with the story told in all the films and series.

Paradise Lost (Wonder Woman)

DCU Wonder Woman series

Peter Safran describes this DCU series as a Game of Thrones-esque story. Set before the birth of wonder woman (Diana), the series will therefore focus on the origins of the island of Themyscira where she is from. ” She really focuses on the political intrigue behind the all-female society. “, he explains.

Gold Booster

DC Series Gold Booster

And finally Booster Gold, the little comic touch of the DCU. The series will follow the character of Mike Carter, particularly appreciated by regular readers. He is portrayed as a loser from the future who uses futuristic technologies in our present to impersonate a superhero.

DCU: the list of all movies and series. Finally a competitor for the MCU?