Coppola and Adam Driver deny that the filming of ‘Megalopolis’ is a disaster: “Wait and see”

the concepts “Francis Ford Coppola” and “disaster on the set” are too close in the collective imagination not to salivate at the rumors about the filming of Megalopolis. According to a report published by The Hollywood Reporter on January 9, the new film by the director of Apocalypse Now is “absolute madness” marked by layoffs, desertions and lack of control in the budget.

But it turns out that Coppola and Adam Driver, his main actor in this film, they have not taken this information well at all. The director, to begin with, denied the THR text in an interview with Deadlineensuring that all goes well on set.

“I love my cast, I love what I’m seeing every day, I’m on schedule. [del rodaje] and the budget: that’s what matters to me,” said the filmmaker. He added that the entire dismissal of the special effects team, which occurred in December, “was basically to reduce costs.” The production designer beth mickle and the art director david scott They have also abandoned the film, which has added fuel to the fire of rumors.

“Those reports never say who their sources are. And I tell them: ‘Ha ha ha, wait and see.’ Because it’s a beautiful movie, and especially because the cast is great,” Coppola replies. And he assures that the distribution of him, in which they also appear Dustin Hoffman, Laurence Fishburne, Aubrey Plaza Y Jason Schwartzman, he is “willing to look for the unconventional, to look for hidden solutions”, more than that of any other of his films.

“The photography is everything I could wish for. Every day’s footage is great. So, if we’re following the schedule, I love the actors and the images are great, I don’t know what people are talking about,” he concludes.

Also in Deadline, Adam Driver has joined this fire squad, expressly mentioning the Hollywood Reporter in a statement. “Everything is going well around here! I don’t know what you’re talking about! That doesn’t ring a bell!” He assures. And he adds: “I’ve been on sets that were chaotic, and this one is far from it.”

Driver describes the atmosphere created by Coppola as one of “focus and inspiration,” Megalopolis as “one of the best experiences I’ve ever had”. “Our crew is fast and inventive, our wardrobe department hits the spot, the actors are incredible and up for anything, and Francis is one of the most intuitive and caring people to work with,” he continues.

As for layoffs and production dropouts, Adam Driver says: “It’s unfortunate when these things happen, but this production isn’t out of control compared to others, let alone deserve an article that paints us as chaos. That portrait is not faithful to reality”.

The production of Megalopolis It’s especially tricky because Coppola is gambling his own money on the film. To finance this sci-fi story about the reconstruction of a futuristic New York, the manager has sold part of his California vineyards, something that (in the case of the author of Hunch, one of Hollywood’s biggest financial disasters) seems to be tempting fate.

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Coppola and Adam Driver deny that the filming of ‘Megalopolis’ is a disaster: “Wait and see”