by Massimo di Paolo – Talking about Cogesa today can only create embarrassment. These last few weeks have been characterized by all forms of reflection on participatory. The cut was mainly political and economic-juridical.

The comments that can be found, from the news and from the testimonies on the Cogesa question in Valle Peligna, are often of disbelief, bitterness, cynical comment, disapproval and anger above all on the part of that part of the citizenry who has felt, for once again, betrayed by those who have received the power to decide, through an act of trust and delegation, expressed with the electoral vote.

It’s a long story, whimsical for rivulets, facts and ways of managing public affairs. In some ways complex with hidden, unspoken, unparticipated implications.

The Cogesa question represents our “southern question” with a stratification of collusions that have used, manipulated and managed a company for a widespread power, to which the various actors have always aspired for control of electoral strength.

One of the saddest and dirtiest testimonies that the history of Sulmona brings with it. No one believes anyone anymore. The split of the mayors, the legal opinions, the saving declarations of some, the quixotic masks worn by others, do not create trust and participation in a citizenry by now disillusioned and incredulous towards the baits exposed by the various political representatives. blank

A shame. That’s what it’s about. Citizens should be aware of this for future choices. Everyone, at different times, in different ways participated. The condition today wants to be remedied by delegating to technical approaches, with the hope that “tears and blood” may not soil the hands of politics which boasts of strategic, evolutionary, decisive decisions, which perhaps should have and could have been taken a long time ago while we wanted not to look, we preferred to lower our eyes, not to decide collusively.

Abandoned services, poisoned territory, inadequate structures, absent planning, exercises of power instead of administrative and managerial exercises. This was. Today we are trying to rebuild the supply chain, solutions are feared, the reasons are praised and with them the political groups are consolidated, the trenches are opened, we go into battle, we show our muscles.

Troop shifts, war banners flying, forces deployed ahead of upcoming pre-election alliances. You won’t have to wait long.

The energy of the community is drugged, the citizens kept out with a narcosis by an excess of stories, hypotheses, futuristic strategies, the energy of the community is kept out of politics. Yet Cogesa is now forever. In the territorial scenario it has supplanted the question of hospital, court, schools, historical centre, public parks, industrial core, migratory processes, choked labour, desertification. Cogesa Forever!

Maybe one day we can have; perhaps one day we will be able to have a Cogesa present in the schools to participate and grow that Civic Education in children and young people, perhaps we will see it in the management of the parks, of Viale Togliatti closed as a play-air path for the elderly, young families, children , perhaps we will have him as a sponsor for cultural initiatives with an ecological and transitional focus, able to carry out “clean” services with respect for the historic center and the tourist vocation. Maybe one day we will talk about it as a company with a civic sense, well-being, economy, an advanced model for the provision of services, as a proximity agent in neighborhoods, hamlets, dedicated spaces of the city and the territory. Perhaps one day we will have a company reconstituted through a model and a civic “imagination”, a company rich and appreciative of the energy of the community that, comfortably, has guided the policy.

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