Christmas trees, carols and music: all the December events at Villa Arconati

The Christmas atmosphere begins to envelop Villa Arconati. Little Versailles prepares for Christmas in the most magical atmosphere of the year.

While the Garden falls asleep, lulled by the warm tones of autumn, the Villa dresses up to make the atmosphere waiting for Christmas unique and special: lights (strictly led to take care of our planet), handcrafted decorations hand, Christmas trees, activities for young and old, and many delights for the palate will make the Villa a warm and welcoming “home” for young and old.

What will visitors find on our Advent Sundays on November 24th and December 4th?

– Sunday 27 November, The Christmas of the Ages

The last appointment of 2022 with the cycle of historical re-enactments “The thread of history” can only have Christmas as its theme: the rooms on the ground floor will host scenes of convivial life from the eighteenth century, the mid-nineteenth century, the Empire style, the late de siècle to reach the early twentieth century with characters, installations, objects inspired by the Christmas traditions of the various eras.

Traditions that have perhaps been lost and that we will try to “reconnect” … on the thread of history: how many know that in the eighteenth century the New Year was celebrated more commonly than Christmas? And that the Christmas tree was used only in northern countries and that it was only introduced in the mid-nineteenth century? What was the most popular game at Christmas tables already at the end of the seventeenth century? The Game of the Goose! But we also enjoyed playing card games and blind man’s buff. These and many other stories will be told by the re-enactors of the Compagnia De’ Cristoforis. While the Sala Museo, in the afternoon, will host Christmas-themed balls from the Risorgimento, which visitors can also participate in.

– Sunday 4 December, Christmas Carol 3D

A new and unique way of “listening” to books: this is the futuristic project that will be previewed at Villa Arconati by Roberto Tamburrino and Thomas Vitalini, the creators of the “Quarta Dimension Audio” project. Unlike ordinary audiobooks, by wearing ordinary headphones it will be possible to experience the pages of Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol firsthand, having full perception of the spaces, sounds, characters and their movements

A Christmas Carol 3D is the first 3D audiobook in the world, capable of stimulating the listener’s imagination, giving back an active experience that exploits the ability to evoke images and suggest faces and environments that recreate the Victorian London of the miser Scrooge (played by Stefano Andreoli, one of the 24 actors chosen throughout Italy to carry out the project).

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Christmas trees, carols and music: all the December events at Villa Arconati