Cardano: A blockchain

It’s the cardan my little lady! On January 18, during the World Economic Forum of Davos, the team of eTukTuk announced the launch of its electric TukTuk project in Sri Lanka. This initiative, in partnership with Cardano (ADA)aims for a profound transformation of this mode of transport, both economically and ecologically.

Blockchain as a solution to pollution

Let us replace the church in the center of the village. For once, the word blockchain is not associated with pollution, but is a solution to said scourge. Because it is not a question of pointing the finger at the energy gluttony guilty of crypto mining. No ! The mis en cause is more concrete since it is transport.
the TukTuk is a popular means of travel in Southeast Asia. The problem is that it pollutes more than a personal car. Archaic transport systems in emerging countries are responsible for much of theglobal carbon footprint. This has a deleterious impact on the health and life expectancy of the inhabitants.

In Sri Lanka alone, there are no less than 1.2 million thermal engine TukTuks, 70% of which are in Colombo, the capital. There would be nearly 270 million in the world.

However, the energy transition of the sector is encountering several pitfalls:

  • Electric TukTuks are expensive, inaccessible for drivers;
  • the networks of charging stations are not sufficiently developed.

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eTukTuk provides the solution

In his view, reported in the columns of CityA.M., the eTukTuk team wants to make the acquisition of an electric vehicle affordable. This is in line with government policy which aims to replace its entire fleet with EVs by 2040.

The Mayor of Colombo, Rosy Senanayakewelcomes the initiative:

“Since eTukTuk’s solution makes electric vehicles affordable and accessible, Colombo is fortunate to be the first city to have the answer to the growing transport crisis that we are all facing (…). »

The project is also supported by the Sri Lankan government.

In addition, the company will develop a scalable network of charging stations in major cities.

And Cardano, in all this?

You may have already imagined a futuristic CARdano vehicle with rounded curves and sharp lines, proudly powered by algorithms? Get that idea out of your mind. The blockchain does not intervene in the design of the car.

On the other hand, the eTukTuk project uses Cardano technology to set up a fairer business model for drivers. Users will benefit from the secure transaction system to pay for races. All of this, without credit card or cash. All participants in the ecosystem will earn rewards.

Finally, everyone will be able to benefit from the development of the network of terminals. The cost of a refill will be 75% lower than for a thermal engine TukTuk. With the growing adoption of this infrastructure, drivers’ incomes could increase by 400%.

eTukTuk aims to develop a solution that responds to a major issue of our time, pollution. Promote a sustainable mode of transport for the greatest number, which economically benefits its actors. Far from worn-out clichés, the blockchain brings its stone to the building and contributes to a better future for the planet.

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Cardano: A blockchain-based electric vehicle project