Cameron: how did he become the special effects genius?

james cameron is not just a film director. He is a magician who revolutionized the history of cinema. With 40 years of success, two of his films are part of the world box offices: Avatar (2009) with nearly $3 billion in revenue and titanic (1997) making more than 2 billion.

Since the release ofAvatar 2: The Way of the Water, the December 14, 2022more than 10 million entries were counted in France. Stephane Boudsocq is a journalist for RTL. He describes the second avatar installment as a “futuristic western”. He reveals to us thatAvatar had to be shot first right after titanic in the late 1990s. “It’s a long-term dream” announces the journalist in D-Day.

James Cameron moves faster than time. He had to wait for the invention of the new technology and the new software to create the special effects he imagined. This explains the 13 years of waiting between the two Avatar !

He imposed this idea of ​​3D cinema which was not at all popular

Stephane Boudsocq

James Cameron and special effects are one! In all his great successes he uses special effects both for the sinking of titanicthat for the robotic body of terminator (1984). But what allowed Cameron to imagine Avatar it is The Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson (2001).

“The spark of departure is when he sees The Lord of the Rings of Peter Jackson, and that he sees what he can do in motion capture […] with the character of Gollum which is entirely virtual but played by real actorand from there Cameron says to himself ‘ok I can go there'” confides Stéphane Boudsocq in D-Day.

The day when 3D arrived, James Cameron did not hesitate for a second. He even remastered titanic in 3D in 2012. And nothing can stop the director! For the 25 in of the film, a version in 4K and 3D will come out February 2023.

“He is an inventor, he is also a pioneer James Cameron. Indeed for titanic he did things that didn’t exist before, and obviously for Avatar. He imposed this idea of ​​3D cinema which was not at all popular and not won in advance.” specifies the journalist on RTL.

Imagine, draw, create

James Cameron’s works are made in three times. First he imagine the story and the universe he wants to make. Then, as Stéphane Boustocq explains to us, it draw everything “close to the plan”. Then he goes to the filming location, puts everything on stage and create your project.

“When he arrives at the time of filming, Cameron, with his teams, he knows where to place his and his cameras to obtain the shot he needs in the shortest possible time. He also has his editing in mind. He masters the complete chain of making the film. He then knows that the special effects will come to finish the job” explains the journalist.

On the sets ofAvatar 2 also turned part 3 and part of the fourth! Stéphane Boudsocq tells us that he heard the actors say how confused they were during filming because they had to know exactly for which film which scene was being shot.

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Cameron: how did he become the special effects genius?